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Monday, August 2, 2010


I am back from what you may want to ask, sorry i don't have an answer to give.I have just been doing things couples do i even started my pilot license flown two hours so far of the 50 that us required. Will start posting tons of pictures and videos of my on my vacations events i have attended.

See you soon

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


WHILE many men get aroused fairly quickly and without much stimulation, women take longer to get going. Many men don't understand this, and so there are many women who have yet to experience the thrill of getting their moan zones covered by their men. So this is for men and women who tend to not as educated about their body.

The nape of her neck

Though very few men focus on the nape of the woman's neck, gently touching and kissing this area will make her reach dizzying heights of pleasure. This part is also the best place to start kissing if you still have your clothes on and you want to tell her how much you want her at that moment.

Her collarbone

Unbutton her shirt just a little and stimulate her collarbone with your touch. Create circles with your tongue and give her love bites there, just to tease and remind her of how much you want her.

The small of her back

Place gentle kisses and stroke your tongue down the small of her back and down her spine. It will definitely get her in the mood for more.

Behind her knees

Behind the knees are packed with sensitive nerve endings, so you can gently caress the back of her knee under her skirt while the two of you are in a public space as it is sure to get her excited by the time you get home.
The palms of her hands
Believe it or not, this is a very sensitive area on a woman. Run your fingers along her palm as that will make her feel relaxed and ready for the sexy rendezvous ahead. Then make small circles there and watch her eyelids dilate with passion.

Her earlobes

Touching, kissing and even gently biting her earlobes will send her into a sexual frenzy, as this is one of the most erogenous moan centers on a woman's body. If you want to excite her even more, simply nibble around the outside of the rest of her ear as well, but don't put your tongue inside her ear. That's a major turn-off for some women.

Foot massage

There's nothing more seductive than a foot massage. It will help her relax, while getting her in that ready mood. Add some massage oil or lotion to the mix and you will have her weak. Try adding light kisses to the mix and have her moaning.

Her inner thighs

Touching a woman's inner thighs without touching her private parts is the most sensual tease that is sure to get her all charged up. Employ your hands and mouth to caress and kiss. The excitement that women get when touched in this area is mostly because of the many nerve endings found there.

Her breasts

Most men are already aware that next to the vagina, probably the most sexual part of a woman's body are her breasts. Women like their breasts to be gently fondled and gently squeezed. Licking and sucking on the nipples turn women on more than you can imagine.

Her lips

A good kisser can turn a woman on by kissing her gently, then long and hard. Kissing tells her how much you want and need her.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My life

My life have been a better place for the last year, not to say I didn’t have my bad moments and down times but overall I have to say that thing are pretty good. But as I sit here and think about something I always fantasize about and now have that don’t seem all glittery anymore such as being in a relationship, having a really nice car.

In a relationship
When I was single I use to be riding the train to work and seeing couples talking and having a good time and wishing one day I’ll be the one someone is admiring, being on the beach and seeing couple making out and say to myself ‘one day that will be me”. Watching movies online and hoping ill find someone I am really interesting in and will be able to take her to the movies and a nice dinner in the city. So I was in a bubble so to speak, thinking its all good to be in love and fun! Never one day considering the headache and heartbreaks, never taking into consideration the hard work that these couples had to put in to make each other happy. So one day it all came to be all the preconceived believes I had in those moments had been totally eradicated when I started dating. Yes I had tons of happy moments but the sad ones were there also, but what I do realize also is that the sad moment is what makes the good times better, the two minute fight lend its way to hours of love making, the thing we often fight over show that we are two different individuals and that’s what make life so colorful and the time taken to get to know someone worth the while.

I can honestly say I was a not such a good guy a few years ago (females view), I never ever wanted a relationship, all I wanted to do was have fun(use your imagination) and it was not hard as females were not ever a problem for me, but as time goes by and I got tired of the same old lifestyle and start having a new perspective on why people share their body with me,I had to come to grips with what I was doing and say to myself your destroying a lot of peoples life(peace of mind). I will however not take all the blame for this, simple put both parties at all time are equally responsible if the truth was establish in the beginning, like I always tell girls I am not looking for a relationship but I am open to having fun, this they seem to agree to at the beginning but when things start getting more complicated they tend to want to change their minds, this don’t always goes over very well with the other party whether it be a male/female as both parties had establish the rules prior to this point. After getting to know how females operate or I should say some females I have come to the realization that they never really want to agree with the friends with benefit idea but the guy is so hot and they are so interested that they settle with what the guy has to offer hoping to change his mind which often end in a epic failure. But females are just not wired as we males are; often we don’t need a connection with someone to have sex while on the other hand females tend to need that connection, in order to be stimulated by the guy. So I would like to say ladies stop lying and end up getting hurt, a man knows what he wants for short period of time and then what he needs for the long haul. So if a man says to you that he doesn’t need a relationship right now chances are he won’t need one with you in the future either.
Males I know we all want to play games when we are young and need to feel as though we are the man, we need to fit in the boys club but please consider the other person feelings at times they are human also, if we just be honest with them for the most part and they are really interested in us they will go with the flow sometimes other wont, but you’re not left with the guilt as you gave them a choice.

I am a BMW fanatic I just love the design as a kid growing up I always wanted one I had dreams of it most nights when I went to bed, but at the age of 23 you don’t dreams anymore right you put your dreams into reality, so this was exactly what I did, I went ahead and go myself the car I always wanted hands down. Never thought of how expensive it would be to maintain and extremely difficult it would be to locate the parts. So I went away on my cruise which by the way went well. As I got off the boat and got some service I got a message on my phone saying that my little sister ran my car over a curb and broke the wheel the hub and the strut, one heck of a hit I might add, you could just imagine how I felt after only having my car for a week before I went on vacation which mean I drove it for two days. So I took the car to the dealer only to find out the price tag to fix the car, 2000 in parts only.
Then I got to start thinking if this was the car I had before I could have went to the junk yard spend 500 and got it looking and feeling bran new, but no I got what I really loved and so I just have to deal with the consequences. Such is life we make decisions all the time and never think about the long run and the consequences then when hit with the reality of our actions we are surprised.

So when you choose to love someone know that they are not going to be perfect and it will take time getting to know them, bad times will happen but it only makes the good times better.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Never give up when your going through your down time.

When there comes a time in your life when everything seems to be going wrong don’t think it’s the end of the world, life can and will get better. About a year or so ago my life was not the best place to be I was lonely and for the most part my social life was not existent. I had tons of people around me for the most part but I was lonely more than anyone was. But no one knew this I had the smiles going at all times was still the most fun person to be around, I didn’t let it eat me away no did I allow it to have the better of me, as I always hope and pray that things would have gotten better soon. So when I though thing was just about to get better it went for the worst, the girl I was dating broke up with me which totally devastated me, in the same week my car was stolen then I think its times to just start running, and keep running until I end up something hot and peaceful. But that I didn’t I had hope still, I still believe things would have gotten better they did not when I expected it, I guess for people who believe in god this would be when hey say god answers prayers not when you think he should be when he know we need it.

A few months passed and I can now say I am the happiness I have been in my life, the same girl that broke up with me and I got back together this was one of the happy moments to begin with then we went on a few short trips, I am all for travelling, I love just getting up and going away, so we have our cruise coming up next weekend and I am so excited about it, we will be flying to Florida to meet up with my best friend that I have not seen in seven years!! Then we will be catching the boat, our cruise is going to Belize, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Panama, I have been to Mexico but it still find it fun every time I go so I really don’t mind as for my girl this will be her first time on a cruise so she is really excited.

My car was stolen so I went back to my old car, but today I got my new BMW which I am really happy about its my favorite color which is dark blue, with tan interior just love it. So in all life is getting better and I am happy about it, I did not give up and therefore my life is better today. I really hope you all have excited things planned for this summer. See you guys when I get back.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This point in my life.

It seem I have not been around town for sometime now, it has been due to the fact that a lot of evens have unfolded in my life since the break up, I can sit here tonight and say I am happy the brake up happened, when It did I was devastated to say the least but today I can say I am really happy It did.

At a very young age I had my life planned out, we not to take all the credit all I wanted to do was be like my aunts and her husband, if I need a role model they were the perfect couple to emulate. They met in high school and are still together after about 25 years; at a very young age they both went to college graduated with the highest honors. After graduating they bough a house before they were at the age of 25, so in my mind that’s the age I want to get my masters and at least a condo. I was on tract to doing just that graduated with my undergraduate degree at the age of 20 and was suppose to start graduate school this year that is not even looking passable, as I have to do the GMAT, which will take some time to get prepared for. Now at the age of 23 I feel as though my plans are totally out of whack, I am torn between broke and being more qualified, I am terrified of going back to school and be so cash strap that I have to become dependent on family members, but I truly need to go back to school to feel as though my plans are in fact working, it’s that one thing I have planned to do before I got to the age of 25, the other reason I so want to go back is that my mom was not able to make it to my graduations since we live in different countries at each stage of my life now that we both live in the same country it would be great to have her attend at least one of these events in my life.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

25 little things about me:

1. I am Jamaican
2. I graduated college at age 20
3. I have been to over twenty counties and lived in three names Jamaica United Kingdom and States, I work to travel it’s my escape love to experience different cultures and environment.
4. I am not a blogger I just blog when I need a release, from the stress of daily life.
5. Family is the most important thing to me. I actually visit them almost every weekend.
6. My favorite sport is Football (soccer). My team is Chelsea.
7. I love speed, racing cars and bikes. I don’t drive/like American cars.
8. The best time I have ever had was when I cruised on my cousin’s yacht to the Atlantis.
9. My dreams is become a Hedge Fund Manager
10. My network is large but my inner circle is very small.
11. I am very forgiving; I am friend with almost all my X’s.
12. I have not seen my best friend since the eight grade but we are still best friends
13. I have family members in over 15 countries.
14. I love the beach in the winter time, very strange right; it’s the time when less people are on the beach.
15. I am the most nonchalant person ever; it takes a whole lot to get on my nerves. Very hard to be surprised.
16. I consider myself to be a very simple guy, other doesn’t normally agree.
17. I have sisters and brother that I have not met, hopefully one day I will.
18. My favorite person in this world is Warren Buffet, simple, smart, calculated risk taker.
19. I love people who are financially responsible risk takers, who have an entrepreneurial spirit.
20. I laugh at almost everything, weather it be bad, good. I think its my control mechanism, used to keep calm.
21. I love a woman who can rock a 6 inch heel and at the same time can put on some sweats and go biking and hiking.
22. been heart broken twice but still believe that if mutual interest is found being in love is the greatest experience.
23. Stock trading is one of my hubbies, takes tons of works but i love it.
24. I travel alone most of the times, but the feeling of having someone there is way better.
25. I suck at tennis but i still love it, i am way better in the WII than on the court.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just when I though my life could not get any worst

So after the year passed and I for some reason had the same drive to be with this young lady I finally asked my aunt for her last name so I could facebook her, so I found her and we started chit chatting here and there, so after about a month of talking to this young lady supposedly I found out this was not the young lady who was at the party. They had the same name went to the same school and had very similar looks. So one day as I was at the computer I asked my aunt to take a look at this young lady pictures to see if it was actually her friend. Surprise surpise, it was the wrong person. LoL

So once more I failed to get in contact with the right woman, so a few months passed and I finally caught up with the right young lady, our first meeting was right around May 15 the end of tax season, we shared a lot of common interest so we and had some sort of connection. It was routine for me to shoot pool with my friend on Friday nights so she decided she would not want to breach our regular meeting but instead to join us as she is really good at pool, it was fine for me I had no problem. She did came and kicked both of us ass that night.

We started spending more time with each other and also start developing feelings for each other, we would go to the beach on Sundays In the summer time for a walk, the movies and then the pool shooting became more cost effective as we started playing at her house with her dad which was fun. Time easy slipped away as we grew closer to each other and decided to make it official after a year of dating.

The week of February 25 2010, I notice things were not going as well as we both became really busy as Tax season was back in effect, we started to hardly see each other, she work the weekend in order to make her 80 hours a week required by her Firm, which was fine with me as it give me time to get other things done while she is at work, for myself as well as my family.

So on February 28, she called me over to her house and told me she doesn’t think she want this anymore, I was confused.

Me- what exactly are you talking about?

Her- This relationship, I don’t think I can manage it anymore.

At first I was laughing because this was so unexpected and that was the first thing I could so as that’s what I do for most things laugh. But that was due to the fact that I was in disbelief, I felt as though the rug was just pulled from under my legs without any form of notice, no signs, so complains, nothing that I could have picked up on, actually a week prior to this she sent me an email telling me how much she loves and appreciate me so with this I was really shocked.

So off course in a real fashion I had a breakdown which was not suppose to happen, but I guess that’s what happens when your care about someone that much, first thing came to mind was that we went to look at a few condos about 3 weeks ago, we planned a 7day cruse as our first vocation fro this summer that same weekend and even have the spots on hold, we also have a trip for Spain planned for December which I also have booked through my time share.

It was all over, my time here has came to a end, I really did enjoy every minuet of our relationship, the worst part of this all is that she is pregnant with our baby and funny enough that’s the reason we are breaking up, she don’t need a baby and I don’t want her to do and abortion. According to her we are both not ready for this in our stage of our career and life. She have a point but to be honest I would rather have this kid even if she wan to just leave after she give birth and never to show up in our lives, but that’s not going to happened according to her.

So just when I though my life couldn't get any worst March 2, 2010, I came home from work Monday to move my car from where it was parked only to see the spot where it was parked, first thing I did aging was laugh as it was really funny to me, went to the house to find out if all my keys we there and yes they were all there, call the cops and make a police report, I bough this car for 21k cash so I figured since I don’t owe no money on it I would just take off the full coverage and just keep liability, well that didn’t work out as now its stolen. So in the space of less than a week I was hit twice, well the car could be replaced as I plan to get one next week just cant decide if I should get back a BMW or just go with a cheaper car this time around.

In it all I am still strong or trying to stay strong for the most part. So I think the love thing will be on hold for me for sometime unless that girl will live in a Meadow and love to walk in the Rain.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The beginning of the end!

It was one Sunday evening at my aunt’s baby shower that I saw this beautiful young lady sitting on my back patio, her eyes and mines makes four and we smirk at each other for a quick second or so I though, she was just being the socialite she is. But one thing was for sure I was not being a socialite I was sending all my signals that I had intentions of having a conversation.

So of course I rushed in the house to find out who this young lady was so I would know how to approach her, not that I could not find out for myself but it makes it way much easier to have some background information. But off course I was nervous as hell then the news my aunts gave me was not very encouraging, this beautiful young lady was in a relationship this was no good news for me, actually it was very discouraging. But somewhere deep down I still had a drive to go and exchange words with this young lady. Suddenly one of my friend’s came over and my attention shifted to him and what he was saying. We chatted for about an hour easily then my aunts called me in to ask of me a favor. That favor was to take this young lady to the Long Island Rail Road.

I was so shocked, happy, but nervous as hell I told her meet me out front where the car was parked, as I open her door to let her in we looked in each other eyes then I realized I don’t give a fuck about the relationship she was in or that I assume she was in base on the information provided to me by my aunt. Ran around to the driver side hop in the car and before I know it I was on my way to the train station, off course this is New York City so the first thing people ask Is “what is it that you do”, we both have the same profession we are both Accountant’s so in my little brain I was on a good path, so off course what was suppose to be a 5 minute ride to the train station turned into a 20 minute ride, I was driving so slow even an ant could get there before us, we got to know each other a little bit then I finally arrive at the train station, she suggested that we should exchange numbers. While I take this as interest in me it was nothing but a networking effort on her path. So here we were in the same car having a conversation but we both have two different interpretation of the event.

This was around December and she had to catch that train, as she was about to get the buss to Toronto to spend the holidays with her family, so I drove off after the train left the happiest man alive, knowing that this is something that I really wanted, I had an connection with her that I had only had once in my life and I was sure i wanted to peruse it, she called once she got into the city and I was very excited to hear her voice but I could not show that excitement didn’t want to come off as a creep. She lefty for Canada and I never herd from her in over a year.

To be continue

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My weekend

This weekend I decided to go to one of my favorite places on the island, its called fire island, yes I know I may be seen as crazy to be going to the beach in the winter time, but it’s the place I go to relax and think about the pass weeks and also my future. I always want a beachfront property and it may be coming to fruition sometime in the near future. While I was there I took some picture that I wanted to share with you guys, I was really surprise how many people was on the beach. That’s the beauty of New York you could live the country life in the city.

Hope you guys like them.

This is my fav's

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Reasons for Cheating

Like any other profession it takes time and effort to develop cheating skills which we all at some point failed miserable at, but some may say why cheat anyways it’s a very selfish act on your part. You’re such a dick why would you do that to someone you love?

When men have affairs, they tend to be motivated by sex — new sex, more sex, different sex. Women cheat for many reasons: companionship, romance, more security, and, of course, sex. But are men’s motivations really that simple? No. Even for men, cheating is far more complex.

Studies show most men who cheat want to experiment sexually and experience the rush associated with “new sex.” This is their way of prolonging indefinitely the early and intoxicating phase of infatuation in a relationship. But men also have affairs to either avoid intimacy, recover their lost youth, or escape an unhappy marriage.
Men who fear intimacy will have affairs to maintain power in their relationships. If a man doesn't commit to his lover, he controls his level of vulnerability. Some men cheat in fact to avoid any real intimacy. Intimacy scares them, so they distance themselves from their wives by cheating on them and they don’t get emotionally involved with their lovers. This way they never have to trust their partners or rely on them. This kind of man may also fear conflict.

Then there are men who will strike up an affair when they start to feel the fear and loss that comes with aging. They realize they are no longer young and invulnerable, so they have an affair to deny that they are getting old. Finding someone who is “young and new,” makes them feel more youthful.
Biologists believe men cheat by the Darwinian instinct to spread their genetic seed to more mates (whereas women would one mate to get protection and support). However, since more women are cheating, this suggests that they felt societal pressure in the past to suppress their sexual desires. There also may be another reason men are more likely to stray: environment. Psychologically speaking, men who cheat are often the child of an adulterer. They are repeating behavior that they know and looking to correct that feeling that no one ever loved only them.

Why do women cheat? The simple answer is because they hurt. They have pain related to loneliness, the rejection and betrayal of a cheating spouse, an unexciting and unsatisfactory relationship, or feeling poorly about themselves.

Why do women cheat? Because of emotional needs not met and the hurt that accompanies this lack. Is it sometimes just physical lust? Occasionally, but I do not see much of this.

Loneliness is one of the primary reasons that women seek out affairs or are susceptible to advances. Women who are in an unsatisfactory relationship may feel even lonelier than if they were still single. A partner who is over involved with his work or hobby may severely limit the attention and admiration he gives to his mate.

She then feels unattractive, uncared for, and hopeless about getting her needs met. While this is a reason for working harder on the relationship, not seeking relief from another man, it is easy to understand the pain that makes the whole thing possible.

And then there is Revenge. I am seeing much more of this as a motive in recent years. Today's woman is not willing to just sit still and "take it." Unfortunately, the "eye for an eye" approach has become more acceptable and a woman who feels betrayed and rejected may well return the favor.

Sometimes a woman needs only to hold a suspicion that her partner is cheating to be susceptible. She may have painful memories from other, earlier relationships in her life, and she may have an expectation of being hurt in this one, as well. This is where a "self fulfilling prophecy" can take over and create pain for everyone.

One reason for a woman's affair is similar to one for men: boredom. An unsatisfying, dull, and predictable relationship that is not growing in depth can make the excitement of a new relationship very attractive.

The affair is not only exciting due to the new person involved, but also to the whole experience of sneaking around and hiding it. This can be a huge adrenaline rush. It's not saying it too strongly to say that it can even be mildly addictive. Women who have multiple affairs may be experiencing this kind of stimulus.

For I have come to the conclusion base on my research that men is the real reason women cheat. It’s this justifiable no but they still do it, so I am wondering why is it that males play such big part in the breakdown of relationships.

I have also realized that when a male cheat its not as bad as when a females cheat as their reason vary and are more emotionally driven that male is. Males often cheat for sex and the rush of a new and exciting thing. While on the other hand females tend to cheat for emotional satisfaction which is more severe than cheating for sex in my view. Two bad never makes it right so for women to cheat because the male cheat it really immature and childish (don’t kill me for saying that lol) I understand your hurting I am in no way saying the male is right to cheat, but going out and cheating on him does not mean it better. The other thing that women do is that they cheat on makes with someone close to home, your friend your brother, its usually someone you know which tend to hurt even more. With that said I would also conclude that females are better at doing it that we are.

Have you been cheated on? Were you wiling to forgive your partner and continue with the relationship? Did It work out in the long run?

I have been cheated on and I tried to forgive but for nothing it could not work, I lost trust and once that was out the door it was like trying to push water up an hill without a pump.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Near death Experiences

One Sunday morning about 6 am, my older brother and I went to the beach to take a swim. I was about the age of 12 and could not swing or float to save my life, however I love the water. My brother though that I could swim. All this time but in reality I could not. So he said lets go way out and I said.

He replied
“Why not”
So I turned to him and say I can’t swim
“What you can’t what, all this time I though you could swim”
I replied “well now you know I can’t”
I being smart at all time said to him,” I never seen the fish walking the shores so I don’t need to swim”

They guy had a big smile on his face. I though that would be the end of the discussion but to my surprised it was not it was the beginning of my near death experience.

So here I was at shore, do my little thing, suddenly I felt my brother pick me up like a kid,

Me-no man put me down.

That he ignored, and tossed me live a base ball further out in the water. I was so frightened that I took in all the water on the beach of water in my mouth.

Before I could regain my footing and fill the sea back up the all that water. He got me once more and tossed me ever further I was screaming like a kid (o yeah I was a kid). Not in a good way, I am cursing all sorts of things.

He repeated this for like 5 minutes not allowing me to catch my breath, so the last time he sailed me like a Frisbee by one leg about 20feet out, when my face hit the water it hurt so much I felt as though I just dive in an empty pool head first.

but this the sixth time was very different from the prior 5 five I was exhausted, drained, when I tried to stand there was no reef to stand on it was too deep so I panicked after trying to keep my head above water for about two minutes failed I gave up I was like this is it, looking at my brother some feet back begging him for help to save my life I am dying all he did was laugh, not knowing I was about to take my last breath, no he is just having fun watching me drown, and them some guys on the beach was like you stupid guy don’t you see the kid dying. When I herd that I was dying from that guy I don’t know where it came from but got the strength to stay above the water for about two more seconds and that’s when he came and got me, when he took me to shore I was so unconscious and pale looking.

That’s was only the first time, the second time in Jamaica called the James Bond Beach with a group of friends. When we arrived we were greeted my lifeguards and other security personnel. To give us a brief, they had warned us not to go to this particular party of the beach because it was very dangerous.

Off course as teenagers that went through the next ear, we did not choose to listen to him, as for that matter that was the most beautiful part of the beach with palm trees and nice white sands lined the whole walk. I was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen. While they were there giving the brief I was there cracking jokes, so when they told us to have a great day and be safe, me and my friend when to the side were we told not to go. So every one were jumping over the security rope and having fun doing it, well all chased to the beautiful Chrystal clear water, every one dived in, so I did also because that I could not resist.

To my surprise, the reason we were told not to go to that spot was that they were working on that part of the beach and had taken some of the sand out, so there was this big hole in the water. So when I dive in I looked up to the surface and realized that it was taking longer than I had expected to return to the surface, so I did panic and I managed to make it to the surface and said help!

My friends started to laugh, they though I was joking but I was really serious I really needed help. so I could not maintain a balance so I went down once more and managed to surfaced once again I said I am serious I need help, this time they even find it more funny and laugh even harder.

My body was so tired in my effort to stay afloat; I was completely drained so I got the strength I don’t know where it came from to make it to the surface once more and my friend Richard Smiles held my hand and I managed to get out. He did not even had to take two steps to get to me we were that near to each other, it guess it does not pay to be the joker of the bunch because when your dying every one will think its another silly joke your cracking.

Until this day they all don’t believe, the thing is they were so near to me and they though it could not be that deep where I was because they were standing comfortably. So I can say I learned my lesson or did it as I still don’t know how to swim. But one thing I take away from my lesson was that we should fallow instructions even if we think they may be stupid.

Monday, February 1, 2010

When did I become a pussy?

I am starting to think this is not for me at all, I have made a enormous effort to be the best man I could be and I am starting to think that my effort has gotten me in a corner in which I will be easily taken for granted. About for years ago I decide that I will never put my trust in another human ever again but that all changed when I met this young lady, I decided to be the best man I could have ever been until this day when I prove the theory that treat then like dogs they treat you like king its real I have proven it over and over again.

Or maybe just maybe the fucking love thing is really not for me at all, after I spent i year and a half weathering the storm of her failed relationship with her and being a good friend the best friend I could be and were ever in my life. I feel as though all my time was time not well spent and for that matter wasted. Now how do I look back from this point on, where do I turn, with whom do I share my pain? I am currently feeling like a fish out of water lost in translation. Is this your definition of love? If that’s the case I don’t want to be in love ever in my life. Normally I am not really the patient person with her I was patient very patient I must add but now I have seen that being the bad guy really paid off and being the all nice cool guy just simple don’t work.

Then the question all came back to me is there any nice guys out there? You really want to know what happened to them, no they are not all taken, I have to agree some are taken but some went bad not because they want to but because of girls like you. Who had a guy good but never taken the time out to appreciate what you have and always thinking the grass is always greener on the other side, now you find out that is not greener its just has a different shades of green, what now, where now? Who is next ?

written about 3 years ago.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Earth Quake is the best and worst thing that happens to Haiti.

About two years ago my Grandma went to Haiti with her friend to visit when she came back she was so sad but yet so kind and appreciative of the little she have. She went to Port Of Prince as that’s where her friend Jean lived at the time ( R.I.P Jean).

The situation she describes to us is one which was never though of ever in our dreams, she told us that the people were very less fortunate, they eat mud cakes. Could you just imagine MUD cakes? That’s not a name for a cake it’s actually the ingredients that the cake is made of, which is the mud from the ground.

So prior to this devastating earth quake the Haitian people were already in a very bad situation,.

Christopher Columbus arrived at the island during his first voyage to America in 1492. During his arrival he founded the settlement of La Navidad on the north coast of present day Haiti. On his return the subsequent year, following the disbandment of La Navidad, Columbus quickly founded a second settlement farther east in present day Dominican Republic, La Isabela, which became the first permanent European settlement in the Americas and today is the second largest Caribbean island.
The island was inhabited by the Taínos, one of the indigenous Arawak peoples. The Taino were at first tolerant of Columbus and his crew, and helped him to construct La Navidad on what is now Môle Saint-Nicolas, Haiti, in December 1492. European colonization of the island began earnestly the following year, when 1,300 men arrived from Spain under the watch of Bartolomeo Columbus. In 1496 the town of Nueva Isabela was founded. After being destroyed by a hurricane, it was rebuilt on the opposite side of the Ozama River and called Santo Domingo. It is the oldest permanent European settlement in the Americas. The Taino population of the island was rapidly decimated, owing to a combination of disease and harsh treatment by Spanish overlords. In 1501, the colony began to import African slaves, believing them more capable of performing physical labor. The natives lacked immunity to smallpox and entire tribes were extinguished. From an estimated initial population of 250,000 in 1492, the Arawaks had dropped by 1517 to 14,000.
In 1574, a census taken of the Greater Antilles, reported 1,000 Spaniards and 12,000 African slaves on Hispaniola.
As Spain conquered new regions on the mainland of the Americas, its interest in Hispaniola waned, and the colony's population grew slowly. By the early 17th century, the island and its smaller neighbors (notably Tortuga) became regular stopping points for Caribbean pirates. In 1606, the king of Spain ordered all inhabitants of Hispaniola to move close to Santo Domingo, to avoid interaction with pirates. Rather than secure the island, however, this resulted in French, English and Dutch pirates establishing bases on the now-abandoned north and west coasts of the island.
In 1665, French colonization of the island was officially recognized by King Louis XIV. The French colony was given the name Saint-Domingue, which became present-day Haiti. In the 1697 Treaty of Ryswick, Spain formally ceded the western third of the island to France. Saint-Domingue quickly came to overshadow the east in both wealth and population. Nicknamed the "Pearl of the Antilles," it became the richest and most prosperous colony in the West Indies and one of the wealthiest in the world, cementing its status as the most important port in the Americas for goods and products flowing to and from Europe. After independence for Haiti, this reversed and Haiti became one of the poorest countries in the Americas and the Dominican Republic developed into the largest economy of Central America and the Caribbean.
I am saying this to say that Haiti was not always a very poor country and also to point out the fact that REP.Dominicana and Haiti is the same island only separated by a border.

I said this earth quake is the best thing that could have happen to Haiti due to the fact that the people of Haiti were already going through unbearable poverty, I few life were lost that is never a good thing especially for the kids who are now left without parents. (But it might just the the price they had to pay to help the Island)

But now the international community is finally stepping up the effort to help these people who have been begging for help years ago, I have read and heard a lot of negative things said about the Island by some very arrogant people which got me pissed for the most part, the reason why this island goes through so much devastation from natural disaster is due to its location, Haiti is located in the middle of the hurricane belt and from June to October the nation often experiences severe storms. There are also periods of drought throughout the year and flooding and earthquakes both pose serious issues to the inhabitants of this small but populous country, so to those who say Haiti made a deal with the devil check your facts before you talk smack.

To be continued…

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never lose sight of your dreams.

So I have been thinking for the longest time to go ahead and seek and fulfill my passion of starting my own business. I know this will take tine and a lot of effort, personal, financial and the commitment that it demands will be overwhelming at times. But I think the effort and hard work will pay off if I remain persistent.

Back in 2007 when I graduated college I had a very hard time finding a job so I looked in my family and I see that every one over the age of 20 has an Accounting Degree, being 20 at the time my idea was not taken seriously by the other members of my family who already have their Masters but all work for Accounting firms like slave for 12-15 hour a day.

My suggestion was to start an Accounting firm “Jackson Accounting & Advisory” to which I was really passionate about, before the year ended I land a job and lost focus of my dream for a minute, now almost two years at my job and looking forward to starting my Masters Next Semester it has come to my attention once more that this is the right tome for a business of the nature.

A business of this statue does not take much capital to start up I foresee the most expensive thing being an office space which is not necessarily needed at initial start up as I could work from my home office which is in my garage (Not the office you though right) its very spacious and for right now is very comfortable for me.

Some might wonder why get into Accounting business there is so much accounting firm out there, well from my experience accounting services is one of the most expensive administrative services and is need by most business, the target market I would try to reach is small business and not for profit organizations with low overhead my service will be very affordable, even though accounting services is expensive it is less expensive than hiring someone full time as a bookkeeper, your have to pay that person an salary first expense when thinking about this is taxes, then health care which is another big expense on and employers books, we as employee often think we pay a lot for health care when intern most company pays 75% of the cost of health care for us. From my experience as an Accountant I have seen insurance being a very big item on Balance sheets, from heath care to, unemployment, life they are all very expensive items.

With this realization more and more companies are outsourcing their staffing in an effort to cut the above mention cost, we all see it all around us, everyday a new staffing firm comes out the wood works. I am saying this to say the potential is there for my business to do well, once I keep building my contacts with Auditors and CPA’s who could in the future refer me to client, one thing every Accountant\CPA love is well kept books it makes the job so much easier.

As I sit in my car with my MackBook writing this along with my business plan I am very much excited about the potential that my business have if I continues to keep focus and work on the very well written plan, this blog is a reminder of one of the most important things I have to achieve in my twenties.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Confessional (Sex in my mom’s living room)

One Sunday morning as I woke up with a hard on, one that need a little more than a jerk to get over, I called my FRIEND (we all have one of those or had one). She was always there for me in time of need as I was for her; we both enjoyed each other company.

She is a very late sleeper so she was just about getting up, she said sure I will be there juts give me a couple minutes, so I hurried to the shower to make sure I was as clean as possible because hygiene is something I really care about.

So here I was hopping out of the shower with my robe around only to hear my door bell ring, I got really excited and answered as sure as day it was my Friend, I let her in and we started talking about some random things and one thing led to another even though we both know what our objective were, didn’t want to make it feel as though either of us was sluts.

So as we got started, both of us were but naked on my mom’s coach, guess who showed up my mom, we were so busy none of us herd the keys dangling in the door, I was so shock as I had no clue my mom would be home that early, but what was fun about the whole thing was how fast my friend jumped off and tried to hide behind the couch. lol

My mom said ‘I already see you why are you hiding’

Then you could only imagine how weird the moments after this was, she could not just hop and leave it would seem really funny but was also hard to stare my mom in the face after she just caught her braking down her couch.

As for me it was all smiles on my face! As always

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Funny how we get into relationship and our lives starts to make small changes, not drastic but life does change when you decide to share it with someone you care about. Before I met my girlfriend I was all about fun and work. Taking a lot of vocations and all as I love to travel, she also love to travel which is a great thing.

So before I knew this relationship would come to fruition I had booked a couple vocation, First I went to the Bahamas which I share the pictures with you guys I had a lot of fun met tons of wonderful people.

Next I went to Puerto Rico, which was also great, while I was in Puerto Rico she was in Dominica Republic with her sister and her mom, we both came back around the same time, and starting seeing each other more than we use to and there after we started to become serious. Three months later today January 4, I sit in my car thinking as I pull up in her drive way is this I really I want, as for now all arrow are pointing in a positive direction.

We both were going on vocations but never together, which was fine to me as we had nothing serious and my vocation alone are always fun (use your imagination). For this charismas holiday she decided to head over to Canada to visit family members and invited me, I also have family members there so I agreed and so here we were going on our first sort of vocation together. The only difference is that we will be driving sight seeing for about 8 hours. Which was more fun than sitting in an Airplane for how many amounts of hours?

We spend Christmas at both of our family member’s house, I went over to her family for Breakfast and she came to my family house for dinner which was great. Two very cool family no drama I love no drama family.

The fallowing morning I went to pick up the rental we are going to use to Canada, then get her, she has no license but insisted on driving with her permit, I am never a fighter so I said sure, she never drove me before so I was not very calm at all I was holding brakes all the way, until we get to Pennsylvania I got a little bit comfortable. Our road trip was not without drama, we stop in IHOP for breakfast about 1pm so me knowing that more than likely I will want use the bathroom on the way, I took a orange juice to go, when I was done I kept my cup, so here she was driving really fast with my bladder falling out I decided that I cant hold this anymore the next place to stop will be about 1hr into Canada, so my IHOP cup became handy I had to let it go in the cup, funny thing about that was the cup could not hold it all so I had to stop which is extremely hard and painful, however I did , had to empty that one you know where and continue to release the pain from my bladder.(don’t be grossed out, if you ever went on road trip sure you have seen it before lol).

We got to Canada about 8pm, which was really good timing, as it was raining and snowing along the way, this was my first time in Canada and I have to say it’s really beautiful, clean and the people there are very pleasant and kind, unlike New York City.

Lucky enough my aunt own a Town House in Scarborough (Toronto) and she was out of town on vocation so we had the house all alone (you know what that mean) we got in the first night and just crash.

The next day we went to her sister’s house, who took us around town, I saw the CN Tower for the first time it was fun being there (have picture to share).

We went Ice skating, after which was crazy cold. To be honest there was not much to see in the city of Toronto, not half as much as New York or many other cities I have visited.
The next night we went to dinner in the Manulife tower which was good. For our last night we decided to stay in Niagara for the night and so we could see the falls, it’s a really beautiful town its like a little Disney if you will, the falls was a bit frozen, so the tour boats were not being used, we took tons of pictures while I was freezing my ass off.
Wish I had the pictures to share now but I am at work, will do however when I get the time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lests Talk About Sex!

  • I can't even remember anymore.
  • Within the last week.
  • Last year some time.
  • Still waiting...
  • Getting some right now!
  • Within the last month.

  • I don't see the point.
  • I'm all for it!

  • Same-sex exploration
  • Role play
  • Threesome
  • Sex party/Orgy
  • Bondage
  • Anal play
  • Dirty photo shoot/video

  • Role play
  • Dirty photo shoot/video
  • Anal play
  • Bondage
  • Sex party/Orgy
  • Threesome
  • For heteros: same-sex exploration

  • Make me blush and run away!
  • Get me riled up for a fun night!

  • Every day!
  • Several times a month.
  • Never ever.
  • A couple times a week.

  • Several times a month.
  • A couple times a week.
  • All day every day!
  • I'd be fine with never ever.

  • I'd be fine with never ever.
  • A couple times a week.
  • All day every day!
  • Several times a month.

  • Park
  • Bar/Club
  • Bathtub
  • Couch
  • Movie theater
  • Floor
  • Airplane
  • Roof
  • Bed
  • Vehicle