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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never lose sight of your dreams.

So I have been thinking for the longest time to go ahead and seek and fulfill my passion of starting my own business. I know this will take tine and a lot of effort, personal, financial and the commitment that it demands will be overwhelming at times. But I think the effort and hard work will pay off if I remain persistent.

Back in 2007 when I graduated college I had a very hard time finding a job so I looked in my family and I see that every one over the age of 20 has an Accounting Degree, being 20 at the time my idea was not taken seriously by the other members of my family who already have their Masters but all work for Accounting firms like slave for 12-15 hour a day.

My suggestion was to start an Accounting firm “Jackson Accounting & Advisory” to which I was really passionate about, before the year ended I land a job and lost focus of my dream for a minute, now almost two years at my job and looking forward to starting my Masters Next Semester it has come to my attention once more that this is the right tome for a business of the nature.

A business of this statue does not take much capital to start up I foresee the most expensive thing being an office space which is not necessarily needed at initial start up as I could work from my home office which is in my garage (Not the office you though right) its very spacious and for right now is very comfortable for me.

Some might wonder why get into Accounting business there is so much accounting firm out there, well from my experience accounting services is one of the most expensive administrative services and is need by most business, the target market I would try to reach is small business and not for profit organizations with low overhead my service will be very affordable, even though accounting services is expensive it is less expensive than hiring someone full time as a bookkeeper, your have to pay that person an salary first expense when thinking about this is taxes, then health care which is another big expense on and employers books, we as employee often think we pay a lot for health care when intern most company pays 75% of the cost of health care for us. From my experience as an Accountant I have seen insurance being a very big item on Balance sheets, from heath care to, unemployment, life they are all very expensive items.

With this realization more and more companies are outsourcing their staffing in an effort to cut the above mention cost, we all see it all around us, everyday a new staffing firm comes out the wood works. I am saying this to say the potential is there for my business to do well, once I keep building my contacts with Auditors and CPA’s who could in the future refer me to client, one thing every Accountant\CPA love is well kept books it makes the job so much easier.

As I sit in my car with my MackBook writing this along with my business plan I am very much excited about the potential that my business have if I continues to keep focus and work on the very well written plan, this blog is a reminder of one of the most important things I have to achieve in my twenties.


Multifaceted said...

Hey, this is a really nice post and I think you should go ahead and follow your dreams. Dont think about it twice. You know? I read a post today that reminded me of this one. I think you should read it as well because I found it very inspirational.

I think you have plenty of time now to think and plan this dream of yours because we are just beginning the year. I hope everything works out!

Hey, I also posted more pictures on Saona Island if you're interested.

Good night.

Palwasha N. Minhas said...

Best of luck with everything you are looking forward to.

E's said...

It's exciting to dust off your dreams. Awesome post. Sounds like your knowledgeable and have a good network. Wish you well with it...

Ellen said...

I totally agree. I lost my job over the summer, and somehow I feel that my dreams are more in reach than ever before!

Nana said...

I love this idea :-) I have my own business dream (it's not a career goal, but just an on the side project while I finish my B.A, masters and (who knows?) my Phd. I want a vintage Etsy shop :-) I will be looking into this over the following weeks. I'm good with finding vintage goods and writing and marketing are my strenghts. Anyways, I want to say 'Go on with your dream, if you don't try, you shall never know)

OmegaRadium said...

I'm currently taking my first accounting class for my Business Admin degree. It's not hard, but the attention to detail required is just overwhelming in some of our more complex assignments.

One wrong journal entry, transpose one digit, mix up a credit for a debit, and the entire balance sheet goes to hell!

I admire anyone who chooses to do this type of work for a living, especially someone wanting to start their own accounting business. Best of luck to ya man, someday I may come knocking looking for a good accountant! ;)