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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Does age really matter?

Lets take this from about the age of say 14, not suggesting this the age most females starts dating but just using this as an catalyst to get to the main point. I am always fascinated by how females manipulate age to their advantage, I know you may be wondering how so?

Do you remember when the guy was so immature that you never wanted to date them? Favorite saying was “I don’t date high schools dudes they are so immature” another funny one was “school boy’s money finishes at lunch time”

So as the years go by females ten to hold the belief that immaturity is the reason they don’t date guys their age or younger, its fair to say that females mature much faster that males, but this does not mean they make the batter decision or more informed decisions. One blogger said that “females think with their vagina as much as men think with their ego”

I for one strongly believe that age and maturity does not necessarily goes hand in hand in all cases. The conventional wisdom is that younger guys are just not ready to settle down, they still running around playing games. Is that true? To some extent it is, but it’s not necessarily the age factors that cause this to happen. It all has to do with where a guy is in his life, some men just started having fun when they get marry, some do it while they are in college, but one thing I sure know is that all men want to get to the point where they say this is it. I am done playing games; all I want now is one woman to start a family with. Does age play a part in this not necessarily maturity sure does play a part. I really hate (or should I say dislike as hate it too strong of a word) when people blame age for their lack of achievements in whatever aspect of their lives. Age is no barrier to love, Education, Career and anything society deems as achieving success.

20 years down the line the same females who said I don’t date younger guys is now looking back saying, dam I need a young jockey to rock my boat as the older men is sinking her ship. His penis does not get as hard, he can’t stay as long, he doesn't get arouse as easily, you have to work so hard to get him up, and when he is up he reaches the point of no return too fast.

Suddenly they have a reality check, why didn’t I just date a guy my age? Why don’t I just dump the lazy old man? O no it’s just too late now, with 2 kids and all you just have to settle, buy a toy and help yourself.

Now all of a sudden the younger guys become the target, they are all of a sudden good, looking hip, sexy.

From movies like Something's Gotta Give and Because I Said So to reality dating shows that pit older women against younger gals, the pairing of older women and younger men is becoming increasingly common.
In fact, there is even a new classification for older women who actively seek out younger men. They're called “cougars,” and they’re seen by some as the epitome of liberation in post-feminist times.
But has the once-taboo pairing of older women and younger men really become as common and carefree a choice as Hollywood would have us believe? And more importantly, has society finally blessed this controversial union?
If you are using celebrity couples as your barometer, the answer appears to be yes.

As for me I have no problem with woman dating younger men or men dating younger or older gals once they are of age. But to hell with the double standards, date a man because that’s who makes you happy, not because he has a nice car and appears to be more mature.

To the men’s dating under age girls you should be put away for life, to the underage age girls dating older men its not cool, its really now good for your health and definitely not good for the young guys who are genuinely interested in you and because you fell in love with a older man and he hurt your feelings you all of a sudden become angry woman with a crush ego, defensive and all.

Make wiser choices

People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them. George Bernard Shaw

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Wanted to share this video- The views expressed in this clip is not those of The owner of this blog.However it has some good points.

As of October the 15 the end on Tax Season i will resume my blogging.