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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Republican + conservative * 8 = failure

For eight long years the Republican Party was in office and had the opportunity to make this country a better place, they instead created this disaster we in facing as I speak. Fist of all we had the most incompetent president in all presidential history, the guy could not even make a good speech.

What really sickened me, is that now that they are out of office they seemed to be the most genius that ever lived, the are high on the critics meter, every single proposal that the democratic party proposed they oppose it, I know this one of their role as the opposition but come on, don’t they see that they did not do the job with 8 years, why don’t they just give this guy the chance and the support to clean up their nasty mess they created.

Do I support everything Obama and the Democrats do? No I don’t, do I have a better plan to propose? No I don’t, so I don’t oppose it al all. this is simple how I see it, if there is a plan on the table and you don’t have one that’s better keep your mouth shut, how are you going to oppose something and you don’t have one simple idea of making a better plan?

The Republicans believe we can’t spend out way out of this crisis, they believe that tax cuts is the answer, listen guys you were there for eight years and gave tax cuts to the wealthy and it simple did not work, along with your market driven economy with no oversight. Give this guys a break allow him to try another way because your way had failed miserable.

This lack of oversight allowed the mortgage companies and the banks to cook up this big mortgages pot of uncertainty and sold it to homeowners who solely believe in what they were told by the bankers and real estate agents. Yes sir you could pay it with this income, you need to take this type of loan with money back, 100% finance including closing cost and lawyer fees. As a perspective homeowner with all these offers before you, what would you do?

This new housing plan that Obama has rolled out as complex as it is, I am not in total support of it. I genuinely believe there are some homeowners who believe in what they we told, and base on that they solely made the decision to buy a house. He stated they the plan will not cover those who knew they could not afford the houses they purchase, and still went ahead and purchased it.

For this I am really saddened, I think it should be a shared blame, educating consumers should be critical part of this plan so as to avoid these problems in the future, when this is left up to the market like it was they will take advantage of the consumers. The banks that made the loans to these individuals knowing that base on their income they could not afford the house should be 100% responsible. This is unfair business practice.

Therefore in my perspective the plan should help those individuals, I agree with the fact that the banks wont be able to recover those bad loans, but please that’s just PR speech, we all know that the banks will write off those assets as well, how are you going to allow the banks to write off assess excluding the bad loans’? Please Mr. Obama what I see happening is the people loosing and the banks being bailed out for creating the problem.

I don’t know if I am crazy one, to se looking at it this way, so I am asking for you guys opinions?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of it!

I have not written in a very long time maybe a few days, its not that I am lost for thought, but I just cant seem to get it together.

I hope you all had a great valentine and is keeping well.

I think I am on the verge of loosing my job, our company is really going through financial hardship being one of the person who knows the finances of the firm, its more daunting on me.

so I am wondering if I loose my job what the hell would I do with all my spare time, I hate not moving and using my brain I rather to work for free than sit at home, it really kills me to be home.

The only debt I have is my student loan, so that's the only thing I would be wondering about if this happens, I don't have credit card bills because I really don't abuse credit.

I Have never used this function of uploading a picture to the blog, so I tried this with a picture of me.