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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Happy_ Well all can be~

This year has been a very successful one for me, i have met a lot of people on blogger, i have gotten a new Job, And also fell in love.

When i started this blog i was out of school and out of a job and single,i was very much depressed and have no one to share my pain with, then about a year ago i met this lovely young lady who also share the same profession as i do, we both have crazy work schedule but we tried our best to make time for each other which worked sometimes. By the summer time rolled around and our schedule freed up a little, we started to hang out a bit more, spending time on the beach, holding hand walking the long shore of fire Island, visiting the light house, boating,hiking, you name it we did it.

So by the end of the summer i realized that my feeling for this young lady was more than i though it was, which i had no problem expressing to her as she is the most amazing person to have a conversation with and she made it easier as her feelings was mutual.

We have been going out from then and we have not spent a weekend apart until a thanksgiving she went away to Texas for about five days, which i was home being that the holiday. For the time she was away i got the time to really think about what i have gotten myself in and realized i was not living a life back then when was running and playing games, i started missing her something i never did is miss someone especially someone who will just be away fro five days, but to be honest this was the longest five days i have ever had in my entire life. I know we will have lots of time apart as we both love to travel and will not always go away together but for the she will be away ill miss her because she is very special to me.

So i am saying this to say to my fellow single blogger don't give up hope, that special someone is there it takes time and effort to find them.When you find them treat them as though they are special and it will be a great feeling.