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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dear Dad.( Or should I say sperm donor)

At the tender age of 8 years old when they had kidnapped you after meeting you for the first time about two months before and totally in love with you for reason I cant seem to explain or understand. I guess Robert Green Law of Isolation hold through. The love I felt for you was unreal not in a GAY way but of a father to a son. I cried night and day and prayed that those guys would have let you go alive.

I cried so much that I had constant headache, I could not come to term with the fact that I just met you and was loosing you so fast. I would not eat or sleep all I did was stand by the phone to hear my grandmother call with good new while bracing myself for the bad news also. Neither came and I could not take it anymore, my mom was sick of me crying and decided that she would take me to my grandma house so at least I could shut the hell up. When I got to the house I noticed that everyone was moving fast and nothing I could have comprehend at that time was said, I felt as though I was in a maze.

Finally I went inside and my Grandma sitting with tears running from he eyes, I could not help but tear up myself as grandpa looked on as studios and he always looked. Word finally broke that you had somehow escaped and run away from your kidnappers. How? I have no clue, but one thing I knew is that I was happy.

All this time I wondered why mom never showed any sympathy for you and asked me why the hell was I even crying, but I guess I was too young to understand that you were just a good for nothing piece of shit. (her words not mines) but when your young all you want to see is your mom and dad being happy and enjoying the beauty of life, not knowing that things was already gone bad in the relationship and you had broken up with her before I was even born. How sweet of you MR. Jackson how sweet!!

While I was in the 5th grade one day I went to the cooler in school to get some water, it so happen that me and this dude got there the same time I decided that I got there first, he was not having it and even though he was in a higher grade I had not planning on backing down. There we were fighting at the cooler almost killing each other. The principal summoned us to her office and punished us by locking us in a dark room. When that was done she called in our parents.

My mom and his did supposedly would be there to represent us, on that lovely Monday morning I was yet again pleasantly surprised by your cleverness for lack of a mean word.
Your turned up as this kid dad, to my surprise I was having a fight with my bother, yeah I said that my brother. Couldn’t you have at least have decency to at least introduce us to each other? No you were too clever MR. Jackson.

15 years later I sit at my desk remembering all these things and I now can laugh about them, even though I and that brother never have a relationship of any sort I still value that day. As fathers day rolls around I wonder how you felt to know that not even one of your kid as much as called you or sent you a card. Doesn’t it feel good Mr. Jackson?
You and I never ever had a sun and father moment which I have grown to accept but that day we had a…….. To be continued...

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Great adventure-Six Flags more flags more fun

I got to the park around 11 am, so I was wondering what I should do first, so I went to superman but that had a 2 hour wait. So I am like dam did these people like sleep over to get here this early. The guy suggest that I got one of The Flash pass so I went and got one which cost me $65, for the 3 of us who went.

My first ride was scream machine, so the flash pass got me pass every one else to the front of the line and I got in. first thing I notice was that this ride was wooden and old iron, two very bad combination, the squeaking noise this thing made did not help to calm my nerves, as it climb at 75 degree, it got to a sudden stop then it fell 90 degrees with speed of about 60 pmh. At this I was just about to say amen in the hour father payer. But all came out was “ooooooo shit!!!! Ooooo shit!!! As it made the rigorous turns with our bodies hanging our hearts feeling like it want to jump out our chest, belly feeling like it’s about to come through our mouth. By this time my eyes were closed, seeing and feeling it was too much for me. My friend was all happy feeling good looking forward to the next ride while I was searching for the exit.

By this time I came to the realization that I did not drive this far to waste my money and with the encouragement of my friends I stayed.

They went on this thing don’t quite remember the name, but what it does is, they put you in something like a stiff jacket and attach a wire, it then left you up 150 feet then slingshot you about 300 yards outward I know I have done a few crazy things but I would never go on that thing.

The worst of all the ride for me was the NITRO, reason being is it so happen to be the longest of them all, it also goes slowly up about 150 feet one you reach the top it drop’s you about 100 feet at a speed of about 50mph, the way your position in this thing is very crazy, they have this thing slap to your legs, so when your actually going down you feel as if you actually falling out, just when you think it could not get any worst it makes another crazy turn taking in the direction of this big piece of metal from the look you swear your going to hit it head on, then suddenly you going down passing it about lets say 2feet.

Batman was my last ride of the day was not as scary even though it was a little but it was really quick.

After my first visit to six flags I would make only one recommendation.

GET THE FLASH PASS- If not you will be waiting on line for 2-3 hours.

I had a great time after all and I will be taking my two little sisters sometime soon.

I really hope you guys have as much fun as I did.
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