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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Longing for that special feeling of love:

I may appear to be happy to all but that’s just a front, I find that whenever I am around people I get really comfortable and they are normally drawn to me. But then I wonder if that’s the case why am I still single and why do I get lonely at times?

I have a great network of friends so there is never a dull moment, but there comes a time when I need that special one to spend time with. Just to take a walk in the park, or go play tennis, or even go biking. That void in my life at time makes me wonder about the bad thing’s I have done in the past. (Not that bad)

I wonder if I had lived in a small town where there are not so many options if I would have just settled for what is there. Does living in the City create a confusion of choice? Does it give you the free way to just give up due to the fact that you know someone will come along very soon? Or at least so you though, until your living in your apartment for 2 years with no one to share the fun with.

O well that’s just how I am feeing or was feeling until I got a text message a friend inviting me to GREAT ADVENTURES this weekend… now I am snapped out of that feeling.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear shoes, I Love You

(Just took a look at you and saw your name for the first time (ball band))

On the August the 25 2006, I was invited to an interview with no shoes to wear and only one suit at the time very broke. I had one last $20 bill which was more than likely given to me. So I though to myself what can I get for this in a shoe to wear to an interview. First thing that came to my mind was go get some food with that twenty and relax, there is no way you can get a shoe for twenty bucks.

This time I was living in Brooklyn, so I decided to take a walk on flat Bust Avenue to see what I could get on my feet. At the corner of Flatbush and Farragut was a store the name can’t recall at this time. I ran in saw that they had some really affordable shoes and I felt content with my twenty bucks, tried on a couple expensive ones first, don’t want to look too cheap now, at the same time I made sure to take up the one I liked and tried on as well.

The sale rep ask me which one I wanted I told him I cant make up my mind as these are two good looking shoes. He said well you have to choose and so did.

I said to him I think ill go with this one it fits perfect, love it!!
He smiled look an me like he wanted to say you cheap bastard.

So after my first time wearing this shoe, I totally fell in love with it, and until this day the 22 of June 22, 2009 it’s my favorite shoe. I have a very wade range of shoes raging from Steve madden, Kenneth Cole, dkny, Calvin Klein, to alfani, but you know what this shoe is still my favorite.

The heels have totally wormed out and the bottom at time feels like I am walking bear footed but I still love this shoe.

In the winter time, when I am skating on ice and my feet wet from your ventilated bottom, I still admire you.

When the doctor told me I need to change that shoe it may give me future back pain I totally ignore because I still love this shoe.

When my mom told me I was a cheap ass bastard and I smiled and said Warren Buffet is also, I remember the 20 bucks that got me these shoes.

When I can’t stand comfortable in the train and I am feeling pain, from the strain on one side of my leg I decided that its time you go. But I will miss this shoe.

I wonder why I feel so attached to this shoe. Is it the sacrifice I made to spend the last $20 bucks I had on this shoe to go to that interview? I don’t know I just love this shoe.

So I decide that I will give this shoe its royal burial this weekend and for that matter I will wear it all week

It’s only right that I don’t publish pictures’ of this shoe to as that’s one of its dying wish.
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