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Monday, June 22, 2009

Dear shoes, I Love You

(Just took a look at you and saw your name for the first time (ball band))

On the August the 25 2006, I was invited to an interview with no shoes to wear and only one suit at the time very broke. I had one last $20 bill which was more than likely given to me. So I though to myself what can I get for this in a shoe to wear to an interview. First thing that came to my mind was go get some food with that twenty and relax, there is no way you can get a shoe for twenty bucks.

This time I was living in Brooklyn, so I decided to take a walk on flat Bust Avenue to see what I could get on my feet. At the corner of Flatbush and Farragut was a store the name can’t recall at this time. I ran in saw that they had some really affordable shoes and I felt content with my twenty bucks, tried on a couple expensive ones first, don’t want to look too cheap now, at the same time I made sure to take up the one I liked and tried on as well.

The sale rep ask me which one I wanted I told him I cant make up my mind as these are two good looking shoes. He said well you have to choose and so did.

I said to him I think ill go with this one it fits perfect, love it!!
He smiled look an me like he wanted to say you cheap bastard.

So after my first time wearing this shoe, I totally fell in love with it, and until this day the 22 of June 22, 2009 it’s my favorite shoe. I have a very wade range of shoes raging from Steve madden, Kenneth Cole, dkny, Calvin Klein, to alfani, but you know what this shoe is still my favorite.

The heels have totally wormed out and the bottom at time feels like I am walking bear footed but I still love this shoe.

In the winter time, when I am skating on ice and my feet wet from your ventilated bottom, I still admire you.

When the doctor told me I need to change that shoe it may give me future back pain I totally ignore because I still love this shoe.

When my mom told me I was a cheap ass bastard and I smiled and said Warren Buffet is also, I remember the 20 bucks that got me these shoes.

When I can’t stand comfortable in the train and I am feeling pain, from the strain on one side of my leg I decided that its time you go. But I will miss this shoe.

I wonder why I feel so attached to this shoe. Is it the sacrifice I made to spend the last $20 bucks I had on this shoe to go to that interview? I don’t know I just love this shoe.

So I decide that I will give this shoe its royal burial this weekend and for that matter I will wear it all week

It’s only right that I don’t publish pictures’ of this shoe to as that’s one of its dying wish.


Stephie J said...

Beautiful!! Just beautiful!! I know what u mean!!

Madame said...

sounds like alot of history in those shoes ... my condolences ... lol ...

OmegaRadium said...

Its amazing how the things we hang on to and cherish the most are sometimes of very little monetary value. Some people may call you a fool for being attached to a shoe, but you aren't the fist blogger to write about this.

I for one like to remember all the good & bad times I've had with a pair of shoes before getting rid of them. I hope you find another pair that means just as much soon.

Coogie Cruz said...

I don't think it's the actual shoe it's probably what the shoe signifies and reminds you of like you pointed out. RIP dear shoe!

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Condolences to your shoes. May it rest in peace. Lols... but seriously, that is one awesome post!
I hope you find another pair that you'll grow to love just as much.

Andhari said...

I'm sorry about the shoes, know how it feels to hold on to a certain item that have been with you through all those times. For me it's my old jeans.

The Write Girl said...

Nice those shoes have walked a lot of miles with you. I understand the sentiments.

HeavenBlessing? said...

awww that is so freaking cute!

Dont bury them! Just put them in (Im serious actually)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Hiyeee...Just saw something hilarious. This one kid was hurrying to school. And all the sudden he started limping. Then he looked back the same time I did and saw the sole of his shoe was left behind! Lols!!! And sooo I remembered your post "DEAR SHOES, I LOVE YOU" hehehehe So I thought I'd share this little incident with you. hehehehehe...have a great day.

Unbreakable said...

@ALL-Thanks guys for sharing your views its really appreciated.

@Chinky-Thats crazy!!!! i know you much have been Tearing up with laughter,its sweet that you remember my post how cool of you.

Poor kid one day he will remember and be making fun of it as well.

Have a great day.