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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

my year in review.Job Hunting

Well today is the last day of the year so I decided to write my last blog for 2008.

So I decided to entitle it my year in review.

On December of 2007 I graduated with my bachelor’s degree. So I was on the job hunt as soon as the begging of 2008.I has to say this was the most trying time in my life. I had a very hard time finding a Job; I was like I went to college for four years and barrow all that money to pay my student loan, and now I am out of school and I cant even gets a job.

I was really frustrated with the situation I even started gaining weight because of the stress I was undergoing. So after one month passed and I was unable to get a job I stated registering with agencies something that I wish I did not have too do.

I had my resume posted on all the website that I knew of and I got allot of call and interviews. I passed up allot of offer due to the fact that they we sales, which I later regret because I could not get the job I wanted to.

So one day I receive a call from a company that I wanted to work with. The position was a Staff Accounting position so I was really exited; my friend was working at the company so she gave me resume to her manager, who gave me the call.

Here I was much exited so I put on a blue suit that I barrowed from my uncle and I tie also belonging to him. Looking very sharp and feeling very confident but nervous at the same time I got on the Long Island Rail Road and went in the city to meet with this guy.

So I went in went through all the normal procedures of signing up the relevant paper works. So here came this guy he was black which a little surprise was and that fact also brought me some level of comfort and hope at the same time. So we went to the conference room where we went on with the interview and they guy wanted to hire me on the spot he was very impressed with my qualifications and the way I presented myself.

At the end of the interview he said Mr. Jackson; this job is yours, so I went out of the building with a sense a victory and accomplishment. I was really fired up and exited!

So I stopped to get a cup of coffee, because I know they normally call in about half of an hour after we did the interview. And so said so done, they called and give me a date which was the fallowing Monday to come in to meet with the CEO for the final interview.

Now as you could imagine I was really gassed up and exited, so I went on the train back home dancing to the music on my iPod.

Went home very happy, this was Saturday and the second interview was Monday, so I was really looking forward to Monday Saturday and Sunday could not go by fast enough.

So it finally came I made sure I had my clothes well prepared, I read up on the company was really ready to killed the interview. However I did not locked my self in tot his so I was still going thought my normal rounds which is wake up look for new post on the job sites.

So I decided to check my email and I saw a email from the guy who I did the interview with, I was hesitant to open it, so I did and the guys exact works were this” I am sorry buy my CEO went behind his back and Hired his friend nephew. It was not because you were not qualified enough or anything, it’s just a very unfortunate situation.

Now you could just imagine how I felt when I read this email, I could not believe this I had to read it five more times, before I could come to terms with it.

My world crumbled at that moment I felt like giving up, but I did not.

I keep on kept on keeping on.

So I decide that I would get registered with and agency, so I went over there by Robert half and got registered, went in for a series of test and an interview, with an young lady, so I went well I went home and I did not get a call until one week later, she had a job line dup for me.

So here I was once more waiting for the name of the company and time of the interview, so I decided that she did not call the time and day she said she was, so I was really worried and I decided to give them a call. Which I did so I asked for her and they told me she was no longer a member of the staff.

Now I really felt like I was never going to get a job, months went by no job so I got really depressed. One day I decided to give the agency a call and I got a new representative. Another month went by and no job until one day he called and said he had an appointment for me, I was really exited, I went on the interview everything went well, I worked at the company for one month and they decided that they wanted me to work with them as a member of staff.
And here I am six months later at the same company, which I am really happy and very comfortable.

The moral of my story is that hard work brings success and you don’t always get exact what you want at the time you want it, never give up the fight, because at the end of every dark tunnel the is a bright light.

Friday, December 26, 2008



Why do we cheat? This is a question that is often asked my females, but recently I surge in the amount of males asking this question.
So I sat down and asked myself is it that we as human can’t be satisfied with what we have?
I had the best relationship that I have ever had about two years ago with this lovely, very smart and beautiful young lady. Who I have to show my respect until this day. The relation was very good until one day I decided to step out of line and had a conversation with a young lady on my way home on the train, which lead to more than what is should have been.
One day I was home and decided to call my girl at the time, however she did not pick up the phone. So there was a call coming in and unfortunately it was from the girl I met on the train.
We were talking for about a hour and I was getting my way or at least so I thought, so in about ten minutes in our conversation I heard this message (THIS MEAIL BOX IS FULL) I was like what the hell. All that time I was trying to get with a total stranger I was destroying the loving relationship that I had.
Every single thing that we were talking about, was recording on my girls voice message.
Could you just imagine how my girl must have felt listening to that message, just imagine getting off work seeing that you men was calling happy to hear what he had to say by listening to your voice mail you got a message on that sort.
She was really destroyed by that message and until this day I am sorry for making such a very selfish and dumb mistake.
And the worst thing about this girl was that she was not half the woman as my girl was. So I gave up the great girl I had for someone that I would not even walk in the street with.
And for two years I stayed single, not because I don’t have a choice, but because I find that I was not ready for commitment. Many of you might ask why I had committed in the first place but that’s just a question that I can’t answer.

Monday, December 15, 2008

President Bush fare well smiles while dogging shoes.

President Bush fare well smiles while dogging shoes.

This is what the president said:

“So what if a guy throws a shoe at me? Let me talk about the guy throwing the shoe, it’s a way of him getting attention. It’s no different than a group of people on a campaign trail shouting at you. It’s a way to get attention.” Hey and guess what he did because he have you asking questions about it”

This according to CNN New this is the worst form a disrespects that one can be given, in that culture. So my question is that does it mean that President Bush was not aware that the insult was of that magnitude or is it, his ability to play it off that makes this so funny.

I am not one that really support president bush but I think, this was very disrespectful to any one no matter if it was the president of Haiti of Cuba for that matter.

So I want you guys to let me what you think. As for me it was very funny, they way he dogged the first shoes.

This guy has skills his reflect is really good now take a look at the vides and let me know what you think.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is my near death experience.

As a kid growing on the island of Jamaica it’s believed that you must have to know how to swim. Which I did not gravitate t at all, I never learned to swing and I did go to the beach allot. But I guess I could say gravity was not my friend, due to the fact that every time I would try it would have the better of me.

So one Sunday morning about 6 am, I and my older brother went to the beach to get a swim. I was about the age of 12 and could not swing or float to save my life, however I love the water.
My brother though that I could swim. All this time but in reality I could not. So he said lets go way out and I said.

He replied
“Why not”
So I turned to him and say I can’t swing
“What you can’t what, all this time I though you could swim”
I replied “well now you know I can’t”
I being smart at all time said to him,” I never seen the fish walking the shores so I don’t need to swim”

They guy had a big smile on his face. I though that would be the end of the discussion but to my surprised it was not.

So there I was at shore, do my little thing, suddenly I felt my brother pick me up like a kid, I was no men put me down.

That he ignored, and tossed me live a base ball further out in the water. I was so frightened that I took in the whole sea of water in my mouth.

Before I could regain my footing to and fill the sea back up the all that water. He got me once more and tossed me ever further I was screaming like a kid. Not in a good way.

He repeated this for like 5 minutes not allowing me to catch my breath, so the last time he sailed me like a Frisbee, when my face hot the water I hurt that I just dive in a pool of water belly first.

I wend down this time It was so deep that I could not stand, being that I never had been this far out I panicked, I gave up I was lie this is it, and them some guys on the beach was like u stupid guy you don’t see the kid drowning.

And that was when he came and got me, when he took me to shore I was so unconscious and pale looking.

That’s was only the first time, the second time I went on a grade 10 school outing to a beach in Jamaica called the James Bond Beach.

When we arrived we were greeted my lifeguards and other security personnel. To give us a brief, they had warned us not to go to this particular party of the beach. Because it was very dangerous.

Off course as teenagers that went through the next ear, we did not choose to listen to him, as for that matter that was the most beautiful part of the beach with palm trees and nice white sands lined the whole walk. I was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen.

While they were there giving the brief I was there cracking jokes, so when they told us to have a great day and be safe, me and my friend when to the side were we told not to go.

So every one was like jumping over the security rope and having fun doing it, well all chased to the beautiful Chrystal clear water, every one dived in, so I did also because that I could.

To my surprise, the reason we were told not to go to that spot was that they were working on that part of the beach and had taken some of the sand out, so there was this big hole in the water.

So when I dived in was looking up to surface and realized that it was taking longer than I had expected, so I did panic and I managed to make it to the surface and said help!

My friends started to laugh, they though I was joking but I was really serious I really needed help. so I could not maintain a balance so I went down once more and managed to surfaced once again I said I am serious I need help, this time they even find it more funny and laugh even harder.

So my body was so tired in my effort to star afloat, I was completely drained so I got the strength I don’t know where it came from to make it to the surface once more. And my friend Richard Smiles held my hand and I managed to get out.

And until this day they all don’t believe, the thing is they were so close to me and they though it could not be that deep where I was because they were standing comfortably.

So I can say I learned my lesson and from that day on I tried my best to listen more than I speak.
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