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Friday, February 13, 2009


Why guys are afraid to date professional women?

It has been said that male are afraid of dating powerful women. I have met a few middle aged females with every thing going right in their professional life, but yet they can’t seem to find a man. They complain that males are afraid of them, and feel inferior to them. This has some merit, but I am afraid of saying this is just more that feeling inferior.

We all the know the history, of where this is coming from, not that I am saying I was a supporter of the old age, where females use to be sitting at home, and not allowed to get an education or go to earn a living by themselves. I do believe that every one should have an equal opportunity in life, weather it be males, female, black, white, brown, or any other group of people.

Being in a work place where my white counterparts are earning more than I am is not something that I like or in support of. But I do happen, same degree same level of education but they get paid more than a black guy does simply because they are white. I have no problem whit white or black or brown people, what I do have a problem with are inequality and double standards.

Today, women are paid only 78 cents for every dollar that men earn. Minority women fare significantly worse—African American women earn just 69 cents for every dollar earned by a man; Hispanic women earn a mere 59 cents on the dollar. The earnings gap persists across all educational levels, and only increases over time. If women in the workplace earned the same amounts as men, their annual family income would rise by approximately $4,000 and their poverty rates would be cut by half or more.

I am so happy that the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act
Was passed, it does allot for family as a whole it increases the standard of living. In my previous post I stated that I am not in support of a single parent household. I was raised in one and it was not an easy task, for my mom who was the sole bread winner. I am not saying it cannot work, yes it sure can, and my mom and lots of mom other makes it work. But I can tell you this it’s not an easy task.

With two incomes the household can do so much more, now with the passage of this act females being paid as their male counterparts it will even be much easier.

Power struggle: I said before that there is allot of well of SINGLE females out there suffering from what I call the LACK OF MAN SINDROME, and they blame the fact that males feel inferior to them, I beg to differ on this point, what I see happening is that these females abuse their power very often. I have dated females who earned much more that I do, its there was not problem at all, because they respect the males and the role that a male should play in the relationship.

But on the other had I have also dated females, who take this to the other extreme, where they really abuse the power, I think they really suffer from power struggle, its like a big thing they now can go get an education and get a job, so they throw this in males face every day, how they can provide for themselves and they don’t need a man to put food on their table. Yes you’re now independent but your stupid ass will always be single, because no man is going to sit and let you take advantage of them. There is a difference between being independent and abusing your power. No matter how much we act like we can do it alone we need someone, weather it be family or a males/female counter part.
I was very financially driven for most of my life and I came to the realization that no matter how much money I earn, if I don’t have someone to enjoy it with, I will still be the miserable person I was when I was broke.

To be totally honest, males are also guilty of this, so I don’t want you to think I am being unfair, whoever does it, and I am in no support. Power is given and it can be taken away.

So the to professional females/males who think their money can take them through life and they don’t need someone, think again. You will live a very miserable life, I have learn this the hard way, I once though that once I got my money I woman will not be so hard to find, but with so many fake people around you really have a hard time finding that special someone.

A condolence goes out to the family members of the decease.

The twin turboprop aircraft — Continental Connection Flight 3407 from Newark, N.J. — was coming in for a landing when it went down in light snow and fog around 10:20 p.m. Thursday about five miles short of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Which killed 49 people?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

From a males perspective part 2

In life finding some who is totally compatible with you is one of the hardest things to do, so we date and date until some give up, the lucky few find that special someone and get marry. Weather they break up a few years later it does not matter, for that moment they though they were inseparable so they went ahead and got married.

Often males are the main cause of separation/divorce at least that’s the way it’s portrayed. With which I have to disagree.

Secondly money is next on the list, but from my observation I would put money at the top of the list. People say money is the route of all evil and we often take this terminology and twist it in order to get the best meaning to suit our situation. I have seen a number of marriages failed from the shortage of income, mainly the guy loosing his six figure income job. When this happen I sit back and wonder, what is marriage all about? Is it love or money?

I know we all want to be financially stable, but come on don’t date a guy because he has money. Marry him for more than that, because when that job is no longer there and you can’t live the fancy lifestyle it’s not going to be pretty. How do you lay in bed with a person that you don’t love for years, have kids and all?

You may not understand this post because I am writing with allot of emotion, my friend of 5 years wife just broke up with him, and told him she did not really love him, he gave her what she wanted which was financial comfort and now he is no longer in a job so he is irrelevant.

Tell me how the fuck do people do shit like this. Come on now, this guy went the extra mile for this young lady, now what he is stuck with mortgage payment and all sort of bills and she move out and on with another guy. Fortunately he was not ready for kids, because the impact on the kid’s would have been even greater.

Now this makes me happy to be a single guy. Well you females ask why guys have to be the dick they are; this is a prime example, the nice guy always get fucked over, and when they became the monster you females make them into them you all complain, and the dumb question fallow ,"where are all the good men? You really want to know, well think about how many cool dudes you have fucked over and multiply it by seven and you may have a good idea where they went.

I so often hear this silly remark from girls, saying they like bad guys, cool you like bad guys, when you get to the age where you really want to settle down, why don’t you go look for the bad guy. No I don’t want the bad guy no more, why? O he is still in college fucking around cant pass his classes, of drop out of high school because he is just dumb.

While the stupid geek is on Wall Street making the six figure income, now you want to come get the geek, well guess what, you all lucked out. Just think about it, all the geeks you have known in your life, where are they now? And compare all the so called bad guys, where are they now?

I always wanted to have a high school, sweet heart, but for me that was not possible, my mom moves so many different countries to live so I was constantly on the go, could not take the time out to really get to know any one. Now that I am grown and is very comfortable with where I am its much harder, because you don’t know who is real or fake.

I once said that I would never date uneducated females and It sparked a big debate, but I still hold my belief. The least she should have is a bachelor’s degree, in any field except criminal justice. A person with a basic education such as a bachelor’s degree thing so different from a none educated person and they make more rational decision, this list goes on an on, I don’t need to explain this.

A single income household is the biggest disaster possible, trust me just think about it, what will happen if the bread winner loses his or her job, you loose the house, the car, and the family looses their medical coverage. Living in New York has though I allot of things, about money and family values. If you want to know if someone is real move to New York and live on a slim income, and see how long this relationship will last.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

DOnt do it outside =

This one I had to share with you guys, it’s so funny to me I almost fell from my chair when I saw it. if you live in the country where there is allot o free land and you taking a drive on the highway and see it fit to use the outdoor bath room, then think twice, this guy good f by a donkey, and they are the most endowed creatures on


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This is a very interesting take on the female’s brain. Check it out, and let me know what you guys think.


I am sorry you guys can’t see it fully, but I know if you should click on it, you will,
One thing in particular that I recognize is the sex initiator gland so happen to be the smallest one on the females brain, why is that so?

While the headache generation seem to overwhelmingly outsize all other sections of the females brain.

I think it’s a very funny interpretation of the female’s brain. What do you guys think? Lol

Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am just inconsiderate:

So Friday morning I woke up to a friend of two year that I never met, yeah we talk over the phone via emails, and so on. The text went like this “I will be in the city today meeting with some clients could we have dinner when you get off”

After reading this message I was like wow, that early she sending me that message, I replied "OK it wont be a problem. I got up got dress and was on my way to catch the train.

When I got to the subway, I saw a very large group of people which is not the norm, because its rush time trains come by very quickly. Finally the 5 train came and I got on it, then it went a few stop and stop, the message they keep repeating was” there is train traffic ahead of us, we will be moving shortly” so I was like not this morning I really want to get in early.

To my surprise that was not going to happen, a lady decided that she did not want to live anymore so she jump inform of an oncoming train and got killed, this is like the third person in the past 3 months.

So finally I got to work, had a cup of coffee and went to my office, so I started working on the financial s, so I say let m check to see if I had an email, from my manager, so said so is, the email read “its now 16 minutes after 10 and none of you guys are here and I don’t get an email of text, lets play by the rules and keep it cool” I was like OK, how the hell am I going text you and I am on the train, well I said that to myself.

Well the day went by and I got another text from my Real Estate friend saying this “if you change your mind let me know before” and that made me want to change my mind from going I was not feeling it since I read that email.

So I said OK I will, we agreed on meeting 6:30 at 42 and 7th , she said she will get there like 6:50 so I said OK that’s fine, so instead of leaving work, at 6:30 I left work at 7 because I know how these females can get, so before I left i sent a message saying I am there, she replied I am on my way, I will only take one stop on the train to get there so I know I may be a little late or so I thought, I got there and she was still not there, now I was like shit, why cant people for once be on time.

She text and say give her 5 minutes, I had already called the restaurant and made reservation because I know how they get really crowned on a Friday night, and I did not want to be waiting for and hour to get in.

So here I was still waiting 10 minute went by and no sight of her, so I text her I am waiting 5 more minutes I am leaving, so I was still waiting no sign of her, so in total I waited for 20 minutes, she still did not get there yet, so I sent her a nice message saying “I am leaving” she replied “I just got off the shuttle give me a few second to get outside”

By this time is catching the train, so I said well I am about to get on the 5 train sorry I could not wait. She replied “R U FUCKING KIDDING ME”

We were both mad at each other, then I was like, I should not have left, because now I am just going to go home, and call to see if my friend is not at work so we could go shooting pool. But then I said hell no, I told her I am not the guy who is going to sit and wait for 30mins on no girl sorry, she knew me like that.

So I got home and here comes in a voice mail. “unbreakable I am sorry, really wanted to see you, I am sorry, how could I make this up to you, In my mind I was like come to my house and do the do, them I came to the upset me, hell no there is no way you can.

Then I called her back to tell her I got her message, and she kept apologizing, but she learned one lesson don’t lie, if she had told me the truth that she was actually further than she was I would have condition my mind for longer wait, I could went shopping or something in the mean tine.

But I still feel guilty. Should I?

ok don't be so sad, here is something to make you laugh!..