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Sunday, February 8, 2009

I am just inconsiderate:

So Friday morning I woke up to a friend of two year that I never met, yeah we talk over the phone via emails, and so on. The text went like this “I will be in the city today meeting with some clients could we have dinner when you get off”

After reading this message I was like wow, that early she sending me that message, I replied "OK it wont be a problem. I got up got dress and was on my way to catch the train.

When I got to the subway, I saw a very large group of people which is not the norm, because its rush time trains come by very quickly. Finally the 5 train came and I got on it, then it went a few stop and stop, the message they keep repeating was” there is train traffic ahead of us, we will be moving shortly” so I was like not this morning I really want to get in early.

To my surprise that was not going to happen, a lady decided that she did not want to live anymore so she jump inform of an oncoming train and got killed, this is like the third person in the past 3 months.

So finally I got to work, had a cup of coffee and went to my office, so I started working on the financial s, so I say let m check to see if I had an email, from my manager, so said so is, the email read “its now 16 minutes after 10 and none of you guys are here and I don’t get an email of text, lets play by the rules and keep it cool” I was like OK, how the hell am I going text you and I am on the train, well I said that to myself.

Well the day went by and I got another text from my Real Estate friend saying this “if you change your mind let me know before” and that made me want to change my mind from going I was not feeling it since I read that email.

So I said OK I will, we agreed on meeting 6:30 at 42 and 7th , she said she will get there like 6:50 so I said OK that’s fine, so instead of leaving work, at 6:30 I left work at 7 because I know how these females can get, so before I left i sent a message saying I am there, she replied I am on my way, I will only take one stop on the train to get there so I know I may be a little late or so I thought, I got there and she was still not there, now I was like shit, why cant people for once be on time.

She text and say give her 5 minutes, I had already called the restaurant and made reservation because I know how they get really crowned on a Friday night, and I did not want to be waiting for and hour to get in.

So here I was still waiting 10 minute went by and no sight of her, so I text her I am waiting 5 more minutes I am leaving, so I was still waiting no sign of her, so in total I waited for 20 minutes, she still did not get there yet, so I sent her a nice message saying “I am leaving” she replied “I just got off the shuttle give me a few second to get outside”

By this time is catching the train, so I said well I am about to get on the 5 train sorry I could not wait. She replied “R U FUCKING KIDDING ME”

We were both mad at each other, then I was like, I should not have left, because now I am just going to go home, and call to see if my friend is not at work so we could go shooting pool. But then I said hell no, I told her I am not the guy who is going to sit and wait for 30mins on no girl sorry, she knew me like that.

So I got home and here comes in a voice mail. “unbreakable I am sorry, really wanted to see you, I am sorry, how could I make this up to you, In my mind I was like come to my house and do the do, them I came to the upset me, hell no there is no way you can.

Then I called her back to tell her I got her message, and she kept apologizing, but she learned one lesson don’t lie, if she had told me the truth that she was actually further than she was I would have condition my mind for longer wait, I could went shopping or something in the mean tine.

But I still feel guilty. Should I?

ok don't be so sad, here is something to make you laugh!..


Cheryl said...

I'm a girl, and manage to always be on time; so I don't know why it's so hard for all other girls. Maybe you should buy her a watch.

OmegaRadium said...

No way! You were already plenty patient with her, and put up with her lying about her current location. You did more than enough!

By taking off, you've officially called her out on her lie and demonstrated your superiority. You don't need her to have a good time, and that in turn makes her want to spend time with you more. Why do you think she was soo apologetic instead of angry?

Good job!

lalallaliyah said...

lmao @ cheryl "maybe you should buy her a watch."

it was wrong for her to lie but i'm sure it meant much more for her to see you than you probably thought it did. (from a woman's perspective)

i'm sure she wasn't just "MAD." i bet she was sad, disappointed, and i'm sure she had some guilt.

she SHOULD'VE told the truth and was wrong for lying though. but there was no right way for things to be done in the situation.. she's wrong for lying, you're kinda mean for leaving. that's all.

Gavin said...

I think you were right to leave, it may make her be more aware of other peoples time in the future.

In my humble opinion Chelsea are in trouble, Abramovich has had the best managers in the world and he fired them!

Unbreakable said...

Well thanks to everyone for sharing! Its really appreciated.