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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

25 little things about me:

1. I am Jamaican
2. I graduated college at age 20
3. I have been to over twenty counties and lived in three names Jamaica United Kingdom and States, I work to travel it’s my escape love to experience different cultures and environment.
4. I am not a blogger I just blog when I need a release, from the stress of daily life.
5. Family is the most important thing to me. I actually visit them almost every weekend.
6. My favorite sport is Football (soccer). My team is Chelsea.
7. I love speed, racing cars and bikes. I don’t drive/like American cars.
8. The best time I have ever had was when I cruised on my cousin’s yacht to the Atlantis.
9. My dreams is become a Hedge Fund Manager
10. My network is large but my inner circle is very small.
11. I am very forgiving; I am friend with almost all my X’s.
12. I have not seen my best friend since the eight grade but we are still best friends
13. I have family members in over 15 countries.
14. I love the beach in the winter time, very strange right; it’s the time when less people are on the beach.
15. I am the most nonchalant person ever; it takes a whole lot to get on my nerves. Very hard to be surprised.
16. I consider myself to be a very simple guy, other doesn’t normally agree.
17. I have sisters and brother that I have not met, hopefully one day I will.
18. My favorite person in this world is Warren Buffet, simple, smart, calculated risk taker.
19. I love people who are financially responsible risk takers, who have an entrepreneurial spirit.
20. I laugh at almost everything, weather it be bad, good. I think its my control mechanism, used to keep calm.
21. I love a woman who can rock a 6 inch heel and at the same time can put on some sweats and go biking and hiking.
22. been heart broken twice but still believe that if mutual interest is found being in love is the greatest experience.
23. Stock trading is one of my hubbies, takes tons of works but i love it.
24. I travel alone most of the times, but the feeling of having someone there is way better.
25. I suck at tennis but i still love it, i am way better in the WII than on the court.
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