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Friday, July 31, 2009

I will miss you guys.

I will miss you guys.

Just a quick note I leave for vocation Saturday morning, I highly doubt that I will write a post when I am away, but one thing you guys could look out for one when I get back, their will lots of pictures.

Have a great weekend.

I will see you guys in two weeks. fallow me on twitter

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My admiration for women!

Would it be fair to say that women are the corner stone of our society and our existence? Many may disagree with this statement but I for one feel very strong about it. My inspiration to write about this after all came to me from the lady next door.

One morning as I got up out my bed and got ready for work, I started thinking about my neighbor, she is very beautiful, seem smart and educated. But all of this was my assumption as we never exchanged words, typical New York style neighbors, we pass you go and come and never find it cool enough to say hello as everyone is always about their own business. But something about this lady a little more than that, she has the most beautiful smile ever, the shape of her body is one that any men would crave. But this was not what got me interested in this young lady.

One day we both got out our apartments together and I could tell it was very awkward for her as it was for me, as its very hard not to look over at the person standing right next to you, however we both got out that and looked at each other at the same time. So here we were steering each other in the eyes. Until she suddenly broke the ice and said something to the effect of “hey! All this time I didn’t know you lived right next to me”

From this moment on we started smiling at each other, saying hello here and there, whenever it’s convenient. But all of a sudden we started seeing each other more often, so our relation started feeling a little less weird. So at this point I started taking notice of her.

I knew she also worked in the city as we would get on the train together in the morning times and she usually gets off before I do. But all of this was not what keep me intrigued all this time.

Every evening or most evening when I am back home form work I would see this lady taking the kids home, taking them to the park, taking our her laundry to get it done. So I started to wonder if her husband ever did any work at all. How does she get by doing all this work on a daily basis? After working for 8-10 hours a day I know I am completely exhausted, I don’t want to see anyone or anything but my bed. No but this lady has three kids and a husband to tend to after working the same amount or more hours than I do.

So in essence she works 3 jobs, the 9-5 then the other taking care of the kids plus the one taking care of her business in the bedroom. How can I not admire women? I know for sure she is not the only one doing this, I know for sure that this is not affixed to one race as I see women of all races doing this day in day out. It’s as if they just know they have to do it and they have no choice. But in essence they do have a choice; they could have run away, they could have given up the kids for adoption. But they did not; they are sticking it out day after day. So whey then should we not treat woman as equal as men, when in essence they actually do a whole lot more in society that men actually do. Not saying that you don’t have men that do all of the above but the overwhelming majority is women.

I could not close this blog without mentioning my mom and my aunt, who for most part was the most influential in my upbringing. My aunt did not have kids of her own so I was her son for the most part I enjoyed all the things she would buy me, but that’s only if I performed well in school. This was my motivation for the formative years of my life. It was either perform well and get gifts or not and get noting. Let’s just say I was a sucker for sweets so I made sure I performed well for the most part. While my aunt was taking care of me, my mom was there starting her business. At the time my aunts husband was the loan officer at the bank so he helped my mom got the small business loan she needed to get started; all this was fine and dandy. My mom had all the plans laid out in the world how she would use this money and be able to repay the loan and still come out at a profit.

So one day she called and said she got the loan now she doesn’t have a clue what to do, lol. This was really funny to every one seeing that we all though she had all angels covered, but in fact she was just a great sales person with a great bluff. It was not long before she figured it all out and her business was on the way. With no knowledge of business and nor accounting for that matter she went ahead as a sole proprietor. Her business did well for a number of years. She was now able to take care of her self and her family. This however did not came easily it came after years of fighting with male competitors at negations with her gender being question as to weather or not she could move the units. But she did not give up she press on and was successful in the end.

Greatness is not measured by what a man or woman accomplishes, but by the opposition he or she has overcome to reach his goals. Dorothy Height

Women to me are the corner stone of society.
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