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Friday, February 13, 2009


Why guys are afraid to date professional women?

It has been said that male are afraid of dating powerful women. I have met a few middle aged females with every thing going right in their professional life, but yet they can’t seem to find a man. They complain that males are afraid of them, and feel inferior to them. This has some merit, but I am afraid of saying this is just more that feeling inferior.

We all the know the history, of where this is coming from, not that I am saying I was a supporter of the old age, where females use to be sitting at home, and not allowed to get an education or go to earn a living by themselves. I do believe that every one should have an equal opportunity in life, weather it be males, female, black, white, brown, or any other group of people.

Being in a work place where my white counterparts are earning more than I am is not something that I like or in support of. But I do happen, same degree same level of education but they get paid more than a black guy does simply because they are white. I have no problem whit white or black or brown people, what I do have a problem with are inequality and double standards.

Today, women are paid only 78 cents for every dollar that men earn. Minority women fare significantly worse—African American women earn just 69 cents for every dollar earned by a man; Hispanic women earn a mere 59 cents on the dollar. The earnings gap persists across all educational levels, and only increases over time. If women in the workplace earned the same amounts as men, their annual family income would rise by approximately $4,000 and their poverty rates would be cut by half or more.

I am so happy that the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and the Paycheck Fairness Act
Was passed, it does allot for family as a whole it increases the standard of living. In my previous post I stated that I am not in support of a single parent household. I was raised in one and it was not an easy task, for my mom who was the sole bread winner. I am not saying it cannot work, yes it sure can, and my mom and lots of mom other makes it work. But I can tell you this it’s not an easy task.

With two incomes the household can do so much more, now with the passage of this act females being paid as their male counterparts it will even be much easier.

Power struggle: I said before that there is allot of well of SINGLE females out there suffering from what I call the LACK OF MAN SINDROME, and they blame the fact that males feel inferior to them, I beg to differ on this point, what I see happening is that these females abuse their power very often. I have dated females who earned much more that I do, its there was not problem at all, because they respect the males and the role that a male should play in the relationship.

But on the other had I have also dated females, who take this to the other extreme, where they really abuse the power, I think they really suffer from power struggle, its like a big thing they now can go get an education and get a job, so they throw this in males face every day, how they can provide for themselves and they don’t need a man to put food on their table. Yes you’re now independent but your stupid ass will always be single, because no man is going to sit and let you take advantage of them. There is a difference between being independent and abusing your power. No matter how much we act like we can do it alone we need someone, weather it be family or a males/female counter part.
I was very financially driven for most of my life and I came to the realization that no matter how much money I earn, if I don’t have someone to enjoy it with, I will still be the miserable person I was when I was broke.

To be totally honest, males are also guilty of this, so I don’t want you to think I am being unfair, whoever does it, and I am in no support. Power is given and it can be taken away.

So the to professional females/males who think their money can take them through life and they don’t need someone, think again. You will live a very miserable life, I have learn this the hard way, I once though that once I got my money I woman will not be so hard to find, but with so many fake people around you really have a hard time finding that special someone.

A condolence goes out to the family members of the decease.

The twin turboprop aircraft — Continental Connection Flight 3407 from Newark, N.J. — was coming in for a landing when it went down in light snow and fog around 10:20 p.m. Thursday about five miles short of the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. Which killed 49 people?


Rachel Tamed said...

The pictures from that crash are pretty horrific, and I just read that one of the passengers was a 911 widow on her way to speak at a ceremony announcing a scholarship in her late husband's name.

Unbreakable said...

Yes that’s really sad, could you just imagine the impact of her kids and family, I doubt they will ever fly again!

OmegaRadium said...

Its easy to overstep your bounds and begin abusing power when you let your power define who you are. Some people are so reliant on titles, statuses, and amount of income, that they let those things define them.

I wrote about that in a blog post here

Shannon ♠ said...

R.I.P. to all the families affected by the tragedy. & Great post!

Tiana Chanell said...

I agree with you. I feel like I'm one of those professional women who has a hard time finding someone and I'm not the type to abuse the power and know my role when it comes to a relationship. It sucks because I have been told numerous times after a guy gets married or in a relationship, they were interested in me but scared to say something and I don't see why when I'm a very approachable person.

Lindsay Champion said...

Very interesting post. If a man asserts his power, he is a leader. If a woman asserts her power, she is a bitch. Just look at Martha Stewart.

lindsay ||