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Monday, December 15, 2008

President Bush fare well smiles while dogging shoes.

President Bush fare well smiles while dogging shoes.

This is what the president said:

“So what if a guy throws a shoe at me? Let me talk about the guy throwing the shoe, it’s a way of him getting attention. It’s no different than a group of people on a campaign trail shouting at you. It’s a way to get attention.” Hey and guess what he did because he have you asking questions about it”

This according to CNN New this is the worst form a disrespects that one can be given, in that culture. So my question is that does it mean that President Bush was not aware that the insult was of that magnitude or is it, his ability to play it off that makes this so funny.

I am not one that really support president bush but I think, this was very disrespectful to any one no matter if it was the president of Haiti of Cuba for that matter.

So I want you guys to let me what you think. As for me it was very funny, they way he dogged the first shoes.

This guy has skills his reflect is really good now take a look at the vides and let me know what you think.


Rachel Tamed said...

To be honest...all I want for Christmas is a chance to throw a shoe at that man :) I agree it was disrespectful, but he has never earned much of my respect.

Unbreakable said...

lol that was a good one, but lets just see if u get the chance lol.hopefully before Jan 20.