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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

This is my near death experience.

As a kid growing on the island of Jamaica it’s believed that you must have to know how to swim. Which I did not gravitate t at all, I never learned to swing and I did go to the beach allot. But I guess I could say gravity was not my friend, due to the fact that every time I would try it would have the better of me.

So one Sunday morning about 6 am, I and my older brother went to the beach to get a swim. I was about the age of 12 and could not swing or float to save my life, however I love the water.
My brother though that I could swim. All this time but in reality I could not. So he said lets go way out and I said.

He replied
“Why not”
So I turned to him and say I can’t swing
“What you can’t what, all this time I though you could swim”
I replied “well now you know I can’t”
I being smart at all time said to him,” I never seen the fish walking the shores so I don’t need to swim”

They guy had a big smile on his face. I though that would be the end of the discussion but to my surprised it was not.

So there I was at shore, do my little thing, suddenly I felt my brother pick me up like a kid, I was no men put me down.

That he ignored, and tossed me live a base ball further out in the water. I was so frightened that I took in the whole sea of water in my mouth.

Before I could regain my footing to and fill the sea back up the all that water. He got me once more and tossed me ever further I was screaming like a kid. Not in a good way.

He repeated this for like 5 minutes not allowing me to catch my breath, so the last time he sailed me like a Frisbee, when my face hot the water I hurt that I just dive in a pool of water belly first.

I wend down this time It was so deep that I could not stand, being that I never had been this far out I panicked, I gave up I was lie this is it, and them some guys on the beach was like u stupid guy you don’t see the kid drowning.

And that was when he came and got me, when he took me to shore I was so unconscious and pale looking.

That’s was only the first time, the second time I went on a grade 10 school outing to a beach in Jamaica called the James Bond Beach.

When we arrived we were greeted my lifeguards and other security personnel. To give us a brief, they had warned us not to go to this particular party of the beach. Because it was very dangerous.

Off course as teenagers that went through the next ear, we did not choose to listen to him, as for that matter that was the most beautiful part of the beach with palm trees and nice white sands lined the whole walk. I was one of the most beautiful sights I have seen.

While they were there giving the brief I was there cracking jokes, so when they told us to have a great day and be safe, me and my friend when to the side were we told not to go.

So every one was like jumping over the security rope and having fun doing it, well all chased to the beautiful Chrystal clear water, every one dived in, so I did also because that I could.

To my surprise, the reason we were told not to go to that spot was that they were working on that part of the beach and had taken some of the sand out, so there was this big hole in the water.

So when I dived in was looking up to surface and realized that it was taking longer than I had expected, so I did panic and I managed to make it to the surface and said help!

My friends started to laugh, they though I was joking but I was really serious I really needed help. so I could not maintain a balance so I went down once more and managed to surfaced once again I said I am serious I need help, this time they even find it more funny and laugh even harder.

So my body was so tired in my effort to star afloat, I was completely drained so I got the strength I don’t know where it came from to make it to the surface once more. And my friend Richard Smiles held my hand and I managed to get out.

And until this day they all don’t believe, the thing is they were so close to me and they though it could not be that deep where I was because they were standing comfortably.

So I can say I learned my lesson and from that day on I tried my best to listen more than I speak.


Beyond Danielle said...

Is your lesson to learn to listen of was your lesson: if you can't swim you will drown.

Try to do better with this water thing, isn't that the scariest thing you've experienced.

Unbreakable said...

well i have gotten i bit better can handle myself in the water and i fallow better instruction,only after i get a good reason lol