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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Funny how we get into relationship and our lives starts to make small changes, not drastic but life does change when you decide to share it with someone you care about. Before I met my girlfriend I was all about fun and work. Taking a lot of vocations and all as I love to travel, she also love to travel which is a great thing.

So before I knew this relationship would come to fruition I had booked a couple vocation, First I went to the Bahamas which I share the pictures with you guys I had a lot of fun met tons of wonderful people.

Next I went to Puerto Rico, which was also great, while I was in Puerto Rico she was in Dominica Republic with her sister and her mom, we both came back around the same time, and starting seeing each other more than we use to and there after we started to become serious. Three months later today January 4, I sit in my car thinking as I pull up in her drive way is this I really I want, as for now all arrow are pointing in a positive direction.

We both were going on vocations but never together, which was fine to me as we had nothing serious and my vocation alone are always fun (use your imagination). For this charismas holiday she decided to head over to Canada to visit family members and invited me, I also have family members there so I agreed and so here we were going on our first sort of vocation together. The only difference is that we will be driving sight seeing for about 8 hours. Which was more fun than sitting in an Airplane for how many amounts of hours?

We spend Christmas at both of our family member’s house, I went over to her family for Breakfast and she came to my family house for dinner which was great. Two very cool family no drama I love no drama family.

The fallowing morning I went to pick up the rental we are going to use to Canada, then get her, she has no license but insisted on driving with her permit, I am never a fighter so I said sure, she never drove me before so I was not very calm at all I was holding brakes all the way, until we get to Pennsylvania I got a little bit comfortable. Our road trip was not without drama, we stop in IHOP for breakfast about 1pm so me knowing that more than likely I will want use the bathroom on the way, I took a orange juice to go, when I was done I kept my cup, so here she was driving really fast with my bladder falling out I decided that I cant hold this anymore the next place to stop will be about 1hr into Canada, so my IHOP cup became handy I had to let it go in the cup, funny thing about that was the cup could not hold it all so I had to stop which is extremely hard and painful, however I did , had to empty that one you know where and continue to release the pain from my bladder.(don’t be grossed out, if you ever went on road trip sure you have seen it before lol).

We got to Canada about 8pm, which was really good timing, as it was raining and snowing along the way, this was my first time in Canada and I have to say it’s really beautiful, clean and the people there are very pleasant and kind, unlike New York City.

Lucky enough my aunt own a Town House in Scarborough (Toronto) and she was out of town on vocation so we had the house all alone (you know what that mean) we got in the first night and just crash.

The next day we went to her sister’s house, who took us around town, I saw the CN Tower for the first time it was fun being there (have picture to share).

We went Ice skating, after which was crazy cold. To be honest there was not much to see in the city of Toronto, not half as much as New York or many other cities I have visited.
The next night we went to dinner in the Manulife tower which was good. For our last night we decided to stay in Niagara for the night and so we could see the falls, it’s a really beautiful town its like a little Disney if you will, the falls was a bit frozen, so the tour boats were not being used, we took tons of pictures while I was freezing my ass off.
Wish I had the pictures to share now but I am at work, will do however when I get the time.


Andhari said...

That is sooo cute. First vacation together is a big deal and to Canada? Oh mannn I always wanna visit Niagara Falls and the disney town you mentioned above. People said canada in winter is like a fairytale!

superduperkya said...

thanks & hello :)
& yupp i just moved to far rock away. its pretty far lol.

Crystal Monae said...

Can't wait to see the pics!

Kim H said...

Canada in winter is nice unless you live with it all the time (as I do). It can be a fairytale but also fucking cold lol. It is a wonderful country though that I'm proud to come from and with countless things to do and see!