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Thursday, April 16, 2009


These days the disturbing new trend in teenage flirting is sending nude or semi-nude photos from cell phone to cell phone: instead of "texting," they call it called "sexting."
While the X-rated offerings are usually intended just for a boyfriend or girlfriend, the photos often wind up being shared.
"It's very dangerous,” Once it's on a cell phone, that cell phone can be put on the Internet where everyone in the world can get access to that juvenile picture. You don't realize what you are doing until it's already done.

Philadelphia defense attorney who by his reckoning has handled at least 80 child pornography cases, said the prosecution of minors for photos they took themselves runs counter to the purpose of both state and federal child pornography laws: Preventing the sexual abuse of children by “dirty old men in raincoats.”
“It’s clearly overkill,” he said. “… The letter of the law seems to have been violated, but this is not the type of defendant that the legislature envisioned” in passing the statute.
Artur said that because there is no mandatory minimum sentence under Pennsylvania’s child pornography law, unlike the federal statute, the students would not necessarily be incarcerated if they are found guilty. But he noted that convictions would have "serious, serious implications," including forcing them having to register as sexual offenders for at least 10 years.

This is very serious in my view, Imagine a 15 year old kid registering as a sex offender for 1 years that will take them to the age of 25 before they would be able to attend college or even be considered for certain types of jobs.

In my view I think this whole matter should be dealt with my parent and not the federal or state governments, yes its wrong be they are only young teenagers and they did not do these thing for and more reason than to appeal to their little boy/girlfriend .

Been a registered sex offender for sending a picture to your significant other, come on now. If you take into consideration the actions of real sex offenders and slap these kids with the same charges it’s just not right.

Again I will say teenager you’re not right for doing it, if you’re reading this think twice before you make such mistakes.

You know what I am fucking pissed at, is that we can’t have conversation that stays between the person peaking. No Uncle Sam need to hear what we talking about, what happen to personal liberty. We can’t live a private life; I got through the train station you have machine scanning me from head to toe.

Please share your views on this situation readers let me know what you all are thinking.


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OmegaRadium said...

No way should teenagers be charge with a crime for sending sexy pictures to their significant others.

As this becomes a widespread legal concern, perhaps it will bring about better understanding of social interactions through technology.

Rachel said...

I think kids that young cannot understand the consequences of their actions. All they see is ha ha I sent a naked picture, intead of oh, 5,000,000 people are going to end up seeing this picture. I am going to make my future children live in a cave with no technology. And pet bats.

Unbreakable said...

lol lol lol Rachael sounds like a very good idea, bet then they need to be integrated in society so they can relate to what’s going on. Lol

C.U.T.R. "Clean Up the Registry" Ohio said...

My son and his girlfriend took a photo via cell phone in 2006. My son is a registered sex offender and his girlfriend was a state-made victim.
The picture was never sent to anyone else nor downloaded. The cell phone had been turned off and also had a locked code on it.
Our lives will never be the same. Never.

insomniaclolita said...

You're right , they really should not be charged. What they do is wrong but clearly sex offenders? Don't they know how dangerous the real sex offenders are and how they're so much different than plain clueless hormone raging teens?

ps. some people do it over here too. You know, sending pictures like that or send videos like that. They usually end up in porn site or be spread to a lot of people if they fall into the wrong hands. Sad, but why send it in the first place? That's just stupid.

Anonymous said...

Great for your first cartoon...
It is too drastic to be punished and forced to register as a sex-offender. I'm not sure how to deal with this legally but it all goes back to Parents trying hard to prevent such things and educate their children.

Cristi said...

I think it's unfair for teens to be charged as sex offenders when all they are doing is sending risque pictures to their bfs or gfs. Yes it is a stupid thing to do but like you said this should be something that is handled by parents not by the government. It just doesn't make sense that these kids could get the same punishment as perverts who prey on and do horrible things to kids. The punishment has to fit the crime. They need to create a law specific for sexting with a punishment that fairly befits the crime.

In general tho I don't think it is any of the government's dam business what I am saying in my private conversations.

Btw love the cartoon. You should definitely do more.

Hippoleetoe said...

I totally agree with you !
I would be a registered sex offender by now !

Many people would

C.U.T.R. "Clean Up the Registry" Ohio said...

What are your thoughts concerning my son and his girlfriend?
She had lied about her age when she moved into our small town where everyone knows everyone. Because she did not have any extended family nor any other friends who knew her, she was able to say she was a year older than what she was.
She claimed to be 16 and my son was 20. There WOULD have been 3 1/2 years difference.
When the investigation started is when we all found out she just TURNED 16, NOT 17.....therefore, when the picture was taken, she was only 15.
Her mother and father was divorced. She lived alone with her mother. She moved in with my son in our home for the summer of 2006.
None of this mattered. It did not matter that she was given permission by her parents to live with my son.
It did not matter they were in a serious relationship.
My son, when it is all said and done, will be almost 50 when he is removed from the registry.
And Oprah just had John Walsh on her show, promoting and encouraging everyone to support the Adam Walsh Act!
I do not support the Act when such individuals like my son are on the registry and he is not the only VICTIM!
I'm interested to know what you all think about this.
It truly is a 'Romeo & Juliet' setting, as my son was forbidden, BY A JUDGE to have NO CONTACT with the victim......his girlfriend.
But.....if you love can you stay away from them?
My son loved her enough that she was worth going to prison for....
Because they did have contact with each other.....
He will be released May 6th.
Thanks for allowing me to comment here.