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Monday, April 27, 2009


Woke up Saturday morning went to the Bronx pick my friend and headed to Philadelphia to the University of Pennsylvania to see the Penn Relays. On my way there It so happened that me and another car of friend were racing, being I always have to show who the boss is when it comes to driving. Suddenly my Blackberry was flashing a Greenish light meaning my batter was about to die leaving me with no navigation as I use my phones navigations.

All this time I was consumed by driving and trying to outrun my other friend, I did not take the time to notice the one sitting next to me in the passenger seat. With the weather been so nice I did not have the time to be thinking about nothing but enjoying it, until that enjoyment turn into touchier, as we made it to the New Jersey Turnpike we were greeted to a long lime of traffic, people even getting our their cars and chilling on the highway.

I was really upset due to the fact that we were already late, and that did not help with the weather being 90 degrees, not even the Air Conditioner could help, we were being baked on the highway for about two hours when my impatience kicked in and I gave the other a car a call and say lets take a chance and run the soft shoulders, hoping that we don’t get caught, as you may know that would have been a hell of a fine.

We drove on the side for about 20 minutes, then we finally could see the accident, it was a Tractor trailer turned over blocking the whole high way. So here we are at another halt then my friend decided to start talking.

He said Jacko as every one of my friends call me, I have a big problem man, I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t even focus at work. Let’s just call him F and I J.

J “o yeah, man you crazy”
F “I am serious right now” with a very sort tone!!
J “so what’s the cause of this?
F “my wife dumped me”
J “what!! This is crazy, what did you do?
F “got laid off for the past two months, that’s the only thing I did, she say I can’t take her out, she no longer has feelings for me, and she just can’t do this no more.

By this time my mouth was wide open astound by every word that he spoke, I really was in disbelief. I always told this guy he was stupid, for allow this lady to take all his money away when he got paid, now that’s the first thing that came to mind when he told me, I was thinking she ran him broke and dump him like a used sanitary napkin.

J “ I am really sorry to hear this F, I am really surprised, I would not imagine this happening, when she was out of a job for like four months, I know you took good care of her, we even trouble you about how you allow her to spend your money for you.

F “well I guess I learn the hard way”

J “hey such is life”

F “ one thing I know though, this can never happen to me ever again, I will never fall in love this deep with another woman, I will never treat them so nice ever again.

On April the 25 another monster/dush bag/whatever you ladies call it, was born, the ever loving and committed friend of mines was throwing in the towel on love, and being affection. This allowed me to come to this conclusion.

Men one once-females love over and over.

From personal experience I can say that I only loved once in my life, when my girlfriend at the time cheated because I went away to college and she could not take it no more, I was born into the monster I am today. Imagine being on campus passing up a lot of free pussy of you will just to be totally committed, it’s not an easy thing but I did it. When I got home on my break and she broke the news to me I was devastated, I cried, my head pounded like someone was beating it with an hammer, I was confused as to why she would do this to me, listen I cried for like 2 weeks.

This is 6 years ago and I am yet to love again, I have spoken to a lot of guys and they shared similar stories, after listening to all the stories over the years, I came to a conclusion that man love deeper that a woman does. If that’s not true then men sure don’t know how to move on with their lives emotionally. Whenever we get burn we stay burn, while on the other hand when I woman get hurt she get up brush her self off and do it all over again. Men move on they sure do, but will they love that deep, my assumption is NO they will not.

Sunday April 26, 2009

I went by F family’s house to see how he was doing, as his wife also kicked him out their house, I saw him smoking, to my self I was like that’s quite weird, this guys don’t smoke, when he see be coming he put it out as he know I cant respire around smoke especially cigarette. I did not question his action.

F “you got your car?
J ‘I sure do, what’s up now?
F “let’s take a drive by the pier”
J “ok no problem”

So here we are at the pier, my friend starts to cry, I not knowing what to do, said to him man cut that bull crap, what do you need a hug, if that I am sorry I cant give that to you.

F “J I went to this girl house last night and saw a car with a Hawaii”

J “ listen man I think your going crazy, how the hell cant someone drive from Hawaii to New York, isn’t that an island?

F “Hawaii or Ohio same dam thing, she told me a few months ago that her friend was coming by to look for her, so I was son a stake out at her house until about 5am to see is that guy was coming out our room, I called her like a million times and she did not pick up.

J “ yo you fucking crazy man, what the hell you doing, what Stake out!!, are you the fucking FBI or some shit.

F “you don’t understand, I love that woman.

J “so to brake it to you but she don’t love you, right now she is kicking it when another man”

The look he gave me tell me how angry he was at those words, but I had to say it to him, I know he is hurting, but he was doing some crazy things being at the ladies house that hour of the morning just looking at the house, I said to myself lord please don’t let me fall in a familiar position because I see how much it hurts. To find out your wife dump you today and have a next men in your bed tomorrow.

I know I will have to sit and listen to my friend today, and encourage him to get himself together. But one thing I can’t teach him and its how to trust.

I hate sad stories so here is something to make you laugh


OmegaRadium said...

There really isn't much else to say but "damn." I know every time I've fallen for a girl, I've gotten burned.

And each time I do vow to become number and number and never let it happen again, but it still does.

I believe that falling like that is something we can't truly control, it just happens.

I have a post very very similar to this one coming up, as soon as I can bear to post it. Best of luck to you and your friend.

Anonymous said...

She's a hoe, and it's a good thing he's rid of someone like that. However much it hurts, time does heal. It might take longer, and the next relationship might seem not so intense or real, but all things fall together at the exact point you realize the reason these bad things are happening. Tell your friend to always remember that when u are the one who has been wronged, to hold his head high and be proud of who he is, no matter what. Only we can make or break ourselves and he should truly believe that.

insomniaclolita said...

I could slap that girl arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhh even reading this made me angry. I agree with JJ, relating to his past stories, you can't help who you love but when you get burned it's an entirely different thing :(

I'm sorry :(