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Thursday, May 20, 2010

My life

My life have been a better place for the last year, not to say I didn’t have my bad moments and down times but overall I have to say that thing are pretty good. But as I sit here and think about something I always fantasize about and now have that don’t seem all glittery anymore such as being in a relationship, having a really nice car.

In a relationship
When I was single I use to be riding the train to work and seeing couples talking and having a good time and wishing one day I’ll be the one someone is admiring, being on the beach and seeing couple making out and say to myself ‘one day that will be me”. Watching movies online and hoping ill find someone I am really interesting in and will be able to take her to the movies and a nice dinner in the city. So I was in a bubble so to speak, thinking its all good to be in love and fun! Never one day considering the headache and heartbreaks, never taking into consideration the hard work that these couples had to put in to make each other happy. So one day it all came to be all the preconceived believes I had in those moments had been totally eradicated when I started dating. Yes I had tons of happy moments but the sad ones were there also, but what I do realize also is that the sad moment is what makes the good times better, the two minute fight lend its way to hours of love making, the thing we often fight over show that we are two different individuals and that’s what make life so colorful and the time taken to get to know someone worth the while.

I can honestly say I was a not such a good guy a few years ago (females view), I never ever wanted a relationship, all I wanted to do was have fun(use your imagination) and it was not hard as females were not ever a problem for me, but as time goes by and I got tired of the same old lifestyle and start having a new perspective on why people share their body with me,I had to come to grips with what I was doing and say to myself your destroying a lot of peoples life(peace of mind). I will however not take all the blame for this, simple put both parties at all time are equally responsible if the truth was establish in the beginning, like I always tell girls I am not looking for a relationship but I am open to having fun, this they seem to agree to at the beginning but when things start getting more complicated they tend to want to change their minds, this don’t always goes over very well with the other party whether it be a male/female as both parties had establish the rules prior to this point. After getting to know how females operate or I should say some females I have come to the realization that they never really want to agree with the friends with benefit idea but the guy is so hot and they are so interested that they settle with what the guy has to offer hoping to change his mind which often end in a epic failure. But females are just not wired as we males are; often we don’t need a connection with someone to have sex while on the other hand females tend to need that connection, in order to be stimulated by the guy. So I would like to say ladies stop lying and end up getting hurt, a man knows what he wants for short period of time and then what he needs for the long haul. So if a man says to you that he doesn’t need a relationship right now chances are he won’t need one with you in the future either.
Males I know we all want to play games when we are young and need to feel as though we are the man, we need to fit in the boys club but please consider the other person feelings at times they are human also, if we just be honest with them for the most part and they are really interested in us they will go with the flow sometimes other wont, but you’re not left with the guilt as you gave them a choice.

I am a BMW fanatic I just love the design as a kid growing up I always wanted one I had dreams of it most nights when I went to bed, but at the age of 23 you don’t dreams anymore right you put your dreams into reality, so this was exactly what I did, I went ahead and go myself the car I always wanted hands down. Never thought of how expensive it would be to maintain and extremely difficult it would be to locate the parts. So I went away on my cruise which by the way went well. As I got off the boat and got some service I got a message on my phone saying that my little sister ran my car over a curb and broke the wheel the hub and the strut, one heck of a hit I might add, you could just imagine how I felt after only having my car for a week before I went on vacation which mean I drove it for two days. So I took the car to the dealer only to find out the price tag to fix the car, 2000 in parts only.
Then I got to start thinking if this was the car I had before I could have went to the junk yard spend 500 and got it looking and feeling bran new, but no I got what I really loved and so I just have to deal with the consequences. Such is life we make decisions all the time and never think about the long run and the consequences then when hit with the reality of our actions we are surprised.

So when you choose to love someone know that they are not going to be perfect and it will take time getting to know them, bad times will happen but it only makes the good times better.

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Gnetch said...

I totally agree with your last quote. :)