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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This point in my life.

It seem I have not been around town for sometime now, it has been due to the fact that a lot of evens have unfolded in my life since the break up, I can sit here tonight and say I am happy the brake up happened, when It did I was devastated to say the least but today I can say I am really happy It did.

At a very young age I had my life planned out, we not to take all the credit all I wanted to do was be like my aunts and her husband, if I need a role model they were the perfect couple to emulate. They met in high school and are still together after about 25 years; at a very young age they both went to college graduated with the highest honors. After graduating they bough a house before they were at the age of 25, so in my mind that’s the age I want to get my masters and at least a condo. I was on tract to doing just that graduated with my undergraduate degree at the age of 20 and was suppose to start graduate school this year that is not even looking passable, as I have to do the GMAT, which will take some time to get prepared for. Now at the age of 23 I feel as though my plans are totally out of whack, I am torn between broke and being more qualified, I am terrified of going back to school and be so cash strap that I have to become dependent on family members, but I truly need to go back to school to feel as though my plans are in fact working, it’s that one thing I have planned to do before I got to the age of 25, the other reason I so want to go back is that my mom was not able to make it to my graduations since we live in different countries at each stage of my life now that we both live in the same country it would be great to have her attend at least one of these events in my life.


2cute4u said...

First!hope you good and all is well with you..Take care

Gnetch said...

You're still young and has a long way to go. You'll be fine. :)