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Thursday, February 5, 2009


I am really sadden by the video I saw on you tube its fifty cent and rick Ross beef. rick Ross mentioned 50 cent baby mother in one of his diss songs, so 50 cent went to Florida and flew rick Ross baby mother to NYC and took her shopping, then he interview her and the way she acted was very disgraceful. At least so I think. 50 even went on to have sex with her, now you tell me now, did this lady remember that she has a child, did she though about the problem that the kid will have to live with, all the kids teasing him at school.
Ok take it that she wanted to promote her so called book, she did not even mention one thing about the boo, I think she is just a you know what….
Check the video and tell me what you guys think.


ill;kinda said...

I personally think it's disrespectful on both fronts. For her & for 50 & Rick. I hate the whole industry beef . Like make your music and get on w/ your life. Why would you let someone els'e words or antics hold you back from the true reason you came into the game? And she just proved to be a bop. lol She could have had relations with 50 and that would have been different, but she goes on Camera & does all this extra un-necessary things, now that... psh can we say $$$ chasing?

Unbreakable said...

as for me i dont care who the sleeps with, but all the other stuff on camera is really not called for,her kid is the only one i feel bad for, could imagine his nick name in school after all of this lol. poor kid

thnaks for sharinf your view ILL;KINDA

insomniaclolita said...

I really hate that woman already.

Empress Journee' said...

Honestly I think the kids would tease the baby more about "babies" father being a lyer! Then moms rubbing with 50. That should shoot him back up on the list (sadly). But on the other hand I do think baby is in preschool so it shouldn't be such a big deal. But Ricks B.M. better milk this attention while she's getting it. Because honestly who wants to read a book about the life of a C.O.? lol Not I said the cat.

E Dot DizZy said...

Crazy.. That's why I don't be talking to females and letting them close. The whole situation is just crazy to me. We shall see how long the beef last. 50 cent usually only beef with folks till his cd come out.