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Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am currently an accountant and I am getting tired of it, yes I do love numbers but doing the same thing over and over is not me anymore. So I decided to get a career change, I have two choices mind, one is Masters in Finance and the other is Investment banking.

I think I rather interact with people and putting a smile on their faces, so that’s my main reason for choosing those two options’, I worked with a brokerage house once before for one year and I loved it, but them I had to go back to school, so I know its something I would love also.

My main reason for not being in school as we speak is for the main reasons allot of people keep putting off school and it’s the finances. I really wanted to get In the NYU MBA program January that have just passed, but when I check out the cost per credit it was too dam expensive TUITION PER CREDIT: $1,470.

So for the past month I have bin wondering how am I going to pay for that. My original plan was to work full time and go to schools part time, in order to pay my way through school. But with a big budget like this one, I am not sure I could afford that and all my other expense.

So last night HeavenBlessing? My blog Crush lol and I were having a conversation and it lead to the discussion of grad school, I have to say this! She gave me new hope, she told me all about the programs I could apply for that fiancé grad school and I am optimistic and looking forward to exploit these sources she told me about. She is not just beautiful, she smart, and is warm person to talk to.

So I am asking for you guys help, advise me on what I should do, tell me about all the programs that you know of that could help me finance grad school.


OmegaRadium said...

I wish I knew of a program or something, but alas I don't. I'll be sure to keep any eye out, but in the mean know you've got our moral support! :)

Unbreakable said...

Thanks Dude, its really appreciated

~*Miss A*~ said...

I have been wondering the same thing. How in the world am I going to pay for my Master's....I'm already in enough debt from my undergrad. :( That's been my main reason for not returning to school cause I don't want to accumulate more debt especially with our crappy economy. I don't have a solution for you or any ideas about scholarships. I can suggest this one thing....and I hope it will make you laugh. New York is a big ass city right? There are tons of corners which are not taken, start workin them a couple of nights and you'll be in good shape in no time! :D

Unbreakable said...

MISSA Yes it did make me laugh, funny thing I want to get in politics later on in life so I want to keeP a clean record, and you know how the dif for everything you ever did in your life, so I don’t want to be running and them they find out my name was Jack the Prostitute on 42 street. Maybe I could be your pink and you work the money for both of us.

But thanks anyways.