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Thursday, January 22, 2009


At the age of 16 was the first time I think I mean I knew I fell in love, o my god it was such a great feeling, everything was just perfect to the T.I mean I was just finishing up my final exams in high school after months of long and hard studying.

So I am the type of guy who love to have a nice time, go to the north coast that’s where all the beaches are in Jamaica.

One day I was sitting in the Science Lab in my physics class, doing a lab and I was thinking long and hard how to leave school in an unforgettable manner, them I remember that one of my friend told me he was going to the north coast with a bunch of his friends, so I decided to plan a buss ride.

In order to do this I need to get a sure yes from all the invitees, so on my last call on the Friday night I Called my fried (lets just call her K) and someone picked up the phone with the most beautiful voice I have never herd at the time, to my surprise it was her aunt, and off course I was trying to get as much people on the bus as possible.So she asked me if I am the guy who is planning the bus ride I said yes, she expressed her interest, that was a bit of a good news for me, more money in my pocket, or at least so I thought.

The conversation went on for a very long time to my surprise, and I find she started asking me personal questions and I was single so I was really exited.
A few days later we decided to meet up to see what each other looked like, and man was I impressed, she was very beautiful and the smile on her face just brightens up my day.We got close and I gave her hug, and immediately she made and awkward move, and giggled I was like wow, I am sorry, she said that OK. To my surprise I had hit the spot on my fist encounter with her, now tell me if that's not just great.

A few days went by and here came the day I was waiting for, it was the morning of our excursion, I got there a bit late because I had to pick up a few friends. When I got there my eye was just fixated on this petite clear skin brown eye girl, with her hair blowing in the wind, and dress in the top of her bathing suit and a very short shorts I was mesmerized.I knocked my self for a min and got back to reality, paid the bus drive his portion of the money and pocketed what every I had make after all I am a business man.(Lol).The ride was about four hours and I was getting a bit sleepy, so I started to learn over so I could rest my head on her shoulder, she welcomed it I was like wow that’s is so sweet, so the ride continued and it was her turn to get some rest so she placed her head on my shoulder, you could just imagine how I felt at this time, there was no one else in the bus as far as I care, this was our moment and I was blind to whatever else that was going on.

We finally got there, and the idea was that we were going to stay at a hotel for one night and get packing the next morning. So when the bus pulled up the entrance of the hotel I got out of my little world and start asking for money, to my surprise no one had planned to stay at the hotel they were all broke I got so mad I totally forget that I was in my little world.

So I asked where did you guys planned to sleep, they said in the bus, so I replied you guys cant bathe and change in the bus! So to cut a long story short and look good at the same time I decided that I will pay the bill but only for two rooms. They said o no problem we will all crash in your room, I was like heck no! And the lady did not like the idea, but when I got to the front desk and herd the rate I said OK just give me one room, there was no way in the world I could have paid for two.

So we all had to stay in one room, it was allot of us cant remember the exact number but we made it work, so there was no sex for me, well not really just a bit of foreplay with a little action, which did not last long before someone came running in the bathroom spoiled the mood so that was that. We had a great time and we all went back home.She decide to spend the week at my place it was more than happy to have her, and we had allot of fun, just use your imagination, one week just locked up in the house.


So it was time to go to college, I was really exited and she was for me also, so I packed my stuff and off I went, we had our agreement that we would see each other every other week end. That did not materialized, so my fist semester went by really quick and the second one started a week later.This was the semester leading up to December break, I met this young lady, we shred the same birth date which was just so amazing, she really liked me and I had like her too, but I made a promise to my girl that I would do nothing to jeopardize what we had.(lets call that girl A). So one day were in a class cant remember which one it was but I know it was the last class of the day, I packed up all my stuff and stood up to leave the room, them I saw A walking in my direction, I was like what now, she came very close push me to the desk and started kissing me, I was so astound, I did not know what to do but kiss her back lol.

She confessed that she was like totally in love with me and I had no idea she was very beautiful but I was not trying to mess up, so one date I told he to take a walk with me and I told her listen I have a girl and I really don’t want to mess up because I really love her.


She started to cry I felt so bad, I could not help but to cry too, this was the first time in my life I really hurt someone feelings, I mean that I know of, and it did not felt good at all.I did not know that someone could let me cry for something like that, but I guess I was not the thought guy I though I was.So the semester went by really fast and it was December, I was really exited to go home, and see my girl, I could not wait I started packing the day of my final exam. The day I decide to drive home was December 24, Christmas eve, there is a party that every one normally goes and we had planned to meet up there.

It was about 11:00 O clock at night and we met at her parent store in the mall, and went on our way to the festivity, but them I realized that she was not herself, she was really acting out of character, she did not hugged or kissed me when we saw each other, this was really weird,.

I started to question it; let’s call her C. and me J

J-what’s wrong?
C- Nothing
J-come on something is wrong, what is it?
C- I don’t wan to talk about it now.
J- I was so fucking pissed; I came all this way to see this girl and she is like totally acting up.
C- Then she said I have something to tell you!
With my heart pounding and eyes sunken in I asked what the fuck is it.
C-lets go back to the shop
J- OK lets go, and hurry up, we walked briskly to the shop
C- OK J I am sorry, but I slept with my X
J I was so fucking heart broken, I could not bear standing up and looking in her face,
C- I am sorry (sobbing)
J – No your not, you fucking bitch

So stormed out of the store and went home, crying like a little kid, trust me I was so devastated, them instantly ‘A” a flashed in my mind, look how I hurt this girl just to stay faithful to C, now C hurts me and now I am here crying and saying how stupid I had, I should have fucked all those girls who wanted to give me some action. This bitch(at the time that all came to me mouth so excuse the word now) was creeping while I was trying to keep my dick in my pants, I told her I never wanted to her or hear from her ever again.

So months went by off course I was still in love with her, A was still in love with me, but I did not want her t know that girl had messed up so I kept it cool
So 5 years, I herd from A the girl who kisses me and I hurt her feeling, she told me she never stopped loving me and she is having problem with her husband, she want to pack up and her and her kids stuff and leave his ass.

Them Tuesday December 20, 2009, I got a message on my black berry from K, that’s C niece, she wanted to know what am I doing this spring break, so I told her I am going to Jamaica for ATI, she said take me, I said sure, just book your ticket for the last week of July.

A few moments went by and she said C want to go as well, I said OK cool everyone in the world could come, as long as they have their hotel booked and their air fair.
Them she started a conversation talking about how much I loved C and I said yes I did, she said well take her, I said not under my dead body, she is engaged I am miserable and she is happy in her relationship I don’t want to mess that up, she said she is about to brake up with the guy, I sent her about A million LOL’s.
I was not trying to get back with that girl. Hello no.
She is engaged let he work out her differences with her to be husband, leave me in my single lonely life.

Once bitten twice shy


OmegaRadium said...

Women...more need be said?

Life is like a box of Chocolates. said...
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Rachel Tamed said...

I agree with Omega - women are my great stumbling block to becoming a lesbian, and cutting out all the stupid men :)