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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just when I though my life could not get any worst

So after the year passed and I for some reason had the same drive to be with this young lady I finally asked my aunt for her last name so I could facebook her, so I found her and we started chit chatting here and there, so after about a month of talking to this young lady supposedly I found out this was not the young lady who was at the party. They had the same name went to the same school and had very similar looks. So one day as I was at the computer I asked my aunt to take a look at this young lady pictures to see if it was actually her friend. Surprise surpise, it was the wrong person. LoL

So once more I failed to get in contact with the right woman, so a few months passed and I finally caught up with the right young lady, our first meeting was right around May 15 the end of tax season, we shared a lot of common interest so we and had some sort of connection. It was routine for me to shoot pool with my friend on Friday nights so she decided she would not want to breach our regular meeting but instead to join us as she is really good at pool, it was fine for me I had no problem. She did came and kicked both of us ass that night.

We started spending more time with each other and also start developing feelings for each other, we would go to the beach on Sundays In the summer time for a walk, the movies and then the pool shooting became more cost effective as we started playing at her house with her dad which was fun. Time easy slipped away as we grew closer to each other and decided to make it official after a year of dating.

The week of February 25 2010, I notice things were not going as well as we both became really busy as Tax season was back in effect, we started to hardly see each other, she work the weekend in order to make her 80 hours a week required by her Firm, which was fine with me as it give me time to get other things done while she is at work, for myself as well as my family.

So on February 28, she called me over to her house and told me she doesn’t think she want this anymore, I was confused.

Me- what exactly are you talking about?

Her- This relationship, I don’t think I can manage it anymore.

At first I was laughing because this was so unexpected and that was the first thing I could so as that’s what I do for most things laugh. But that was due to the fact that I was in disbelief, I felt as though the rug was just pulled from under my legs without any form of notice, no signs, so complains, nothing that I could have picked up on, actually a week prior to this she sent me an email telling me how much she loves and appreciate me so with this I was really shocked.

So off course in a real fashion I had a breakdown which was not suppose to happen, but I guess that’s what happens when your care about someone that much, first thing came to mind was that we went to look at a few condos about 3 weeks ago, we planned a 7day cruse as our first vocation fro this summer that same weekend and even have the spots on hold, we also have a trip for Spain planned for December which I also have booked through my time share.

It was all over, my time here has came to a end, I really did enjoy every minuet of our relationship, the worst part of this all is that she is pregnant with our baby and funny enough that’s the reason we are breaking up, she don’t need a baby and I don’t want her to do and abortion. According to her we are both not ready for this in our stage of our career and life. She have a point but to be honest I would rather have this kid even if she wan to just leave after she give birth and never to show up in our lives, but that’s not going to happened according to her.

So just when I though my life couldn't get any worst March 2, 2010, I came home from work Monday to move my car from where it was parked only to see the spot where it was parked, first thing I did aging was laugh as it was really funny to me, went to the house to find out if all my keys we there and yes they were all there, call the cops and make a police report, I bough this car for 21k cash so I figured since I don’t owe no money on it I would just take off the full coverage and just keep liability, well that didn’t work out as now its stolen. So in the space of less than a week I was hit twice, well the car could be replaced as I plan to get one next week just cant decide if I should get back a BMW or just go with a cheaper car this time around.

In it all I am still strong or trying to stay strong for the most part. So I think the love thing will be on hold for me for sometime unless that girl will live in a Meadow and love to walk in the Rain.


Linda said...


2cute4u said...

When the right lady comes, you won't have to force it.. take care, and live life,be happy..

Nola Darling said...

The sweet... is never as sweet without the bitter... things always seem worse than what they are... just smile... and things will get better...


JStar said...

I wish you comfort in this time...I know it feels like a bomb has dropped right in your lap...Read my entry today, I hope it comforts...This is the SAME reason that I am terrified to give my heart...Only to be broken...again...

Pray on it!

OmegaRadium said...

Wow, thats rough! Keep your head up man, some good definitely needs to head your way soon!

Dyinetch said...

Oh, things will get better for you soon. Don't lose hope. ;)

The Write Girl said...

God bless you...this must be rough for you. I pray you find the right woman for you someday.

TOPolk said...

Hold strong bro. Life ain't the prettiest all the time, but the things are the biggest struggles now quickly become minor memories down the road.