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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Where the hell have i been!

My life some drastic changes which i am not getting use to, i felt as though i have not written in years and i am totally out of whack with whats been going on.

Good things have been coming my way for my Birth I got a Mac Book Pro which i really love, this is the first blog i have attempt to write on it. Its really a cool machine the only problem i have encountered so far is that i cant open my trading account as internet explorer no longer make the browser for mac,however i got over that by splitting my hard drive ans have window running on my mac. so now i have two operation systems running which is cool.

I did an interview today for a Accounting Position at an Accounting/CPA firm i am looking forward to working with them,hopefully i did well in the interview and they like me.'''

Hope every one has been doing well.

Best of luck.

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Andhari said...

Heyyy welcome back, been wondering what you're up to :).

anyhoo, macbookpro is such a sweet birthday gift :) good luck for your interview. It sounds like a big deal!:)