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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Being single has its Good Sides TOO

For sometime now I have been reading a couple single hopeless blogs and it has somehow gotten to me, being that I am also single. To me it’s like they are allowing themselves to be swallowed up by singledom(just made that one up lol) that they don’t even get out to enjoy themselves anymore.

I see being single as an opportunity to meet new people and network, that which I have been doing a lot of lately. I am in no way saying that this cannot be done wile your in a relationship, as it’s also possible. I am however a firm believes that when you’re single you open up yourself more to new adventures and more opportunity due to the fact that you don’t have to be thinking about your partners feelings.

A relationship has its advantages and its disadvantages.

Benefits of being single-
1) you don't have to be committed
2) when all your other friends are mad at their man/woman you get to think how you luck do not have to deal with it.
3) Not having to worry about someone cheating on you behind your back

Disadvantages of being single-
1) Wishing that you had someone who like you for you
2) your friends bragging about how much they love their boyfriends/ girlfriends
3) Wishing that you had a boyfriend/ girlfriend so that you could go through the drama of it

Advantages of being in a relationship-
1) Having someone like you and just like you only
2) The feeling when you see them all the time
3) More focus on important things in life
than about it...

These however are left up to the individual, as for me at time’s I get really lonely, but that’s only for a quick second or two, as I always have someone ringing off my phone weather it be my mom, who’s number appears the most in my phone history, or some random friend. I have come to the conclusion that I have chosen to be single as I have numerous girls who are very much interested in me. At time they say I am afraid of commitment which I am afraid I have to disagree, what I am afraid of is not being committed, if ever in life at anytime you find that you’re not committed to at least one thing then something is terribly wrong. Weather it be your school work, your job, your marriage, your blog, relationship etc. Being committed is not my problem I have been committed to my career and its working out so far so good.

Most of my friends are married or in serious relationships, I do attend a lot of their family events, wedding, baby showers, birthday parties and also got to pick up a few at nights when they get kicked out for one reason or the other. I do get jealous at time and then I make sure I snap out of that feeling very quick, I don’t allow it to consume me. It looks all beautiful and great on the surface but I know the hardship they have in their relationships.

Being in a relationship for me is like running a business, a partnership not a sole proprietorship. Whenever it gets’s to the point where one party feels it’s a one man business that’s where the problem comes in. in relationships we have to be selfless and often we are too selfish as humans, "it take too baby" is a very famous slogan that all relationship should fallow, too often we see one person trying to do it all alone and that end’s up hurting the family. We see father trying to work long hours to make sure the family is financially stable and capable of enjoying a better life, when intern he is missing from the home for the upbringing of the kid’s, mom starts to get lonely and we all know where that ends.

It’s important to look at the career a person has and match it up with your qualities and see if it will work for you, before you jump in a relationship. Females get very giddy at times because a guy works a lot of money and has a career that the sounds good to report to her friends and family, but at the end of the day they are lonely in their marriage living in the lavish home all alone or with kid’s husband has to constantly be on the road. These are all thing I consider before going in a relationship it may not work for all but sure it will for me.


Andhari said...

Definitely I like being single better, these days at least. Maybe because I'm such in a controling relationship that I think I need to call it quits soon. Being single is fun, especially with a bunch of single friends. No pressures.

MaryBeth said...

i agree with the pro's and cons of relationships. i often do that too in my head.Part of you wants all the happy stuff, then the other part doesnt want to deal with the cinfusion, mixed signals and all that.

Everything has a good and bad point

OmegaRadium said...

Pros & Cons, everything has them. I've been doing the single thing for about 2 years officially, with a few "special friends" coming close to becoming a girlfriend. I for one feel that a relationship shouldn't define you, but rather elaborate you.

I feel I'm ready to give it another go when the right special girl comes about, but until then...I'm content.

JuJu said...

like they say; always two sides to a story - the grass isnt always greener on the other side.. i def love being married; but then wish i was single @ times hahah

The Write Girl said...

Interesting sentiments here...the number one thing is being happy. As long as you are whole and complete in yourself, everything else will fall into place. If people look for someone to fill a void, that is where the mistake is made. Enjoyed reading your post.

Nana said...

Heyy, Single is fun at times, but sometimes, it gets lonely! I'm a girl that likes to care for someone, have that 'safe' place, you know? The GREAT thing about being single is all the energy that usually goes into your partner, is energy that can be spent on YOU. You get more things done; time frees up. also, waking up & being able to do WHATEVER you like, with anyone. lol.

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Being single definitely has its ups... Singles should just enjoy, hang out, single and ready to mingle. lols. Singles shouldn't rush into relationships, they should just take the time to get to know new people and just let things work from there. =)