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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Snow Storm In New York

I am sorry i have not written in a very very long time but i do have allot to say,but its really hectic for me these day i usually write most of my blogs at work, but with the rate at which people are disappearing at my job i try my best to keep it clean cut. however i have some pictures and little video i want to share with you guys from the Snow Storm in New York recently.

I will however resume blogging about thing such as the New housing bill and others very soon.





~*Miss A*~ said...

SNOW!!!! I absolutely love it!! We got snow in GA, but I was in Ohio for the weekend, so I missed out. It's rare for GA to see snow, so I was sad that I missed out. Awesome pictures & I love how you wrote your name in the snow!

Tiana Chanell said...

In Georgia, we were all excited about the "little" snow that we got...and of course it wasn't anything compared to what you got lol. Love the pictures!!