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Friday, March 13, 2009

Bristol Palin and Fiancé Split lol

O so you guys really though you were fooling someone about getting married, give us a break, there is no more campaign finance to pay this guy and the hope of his mother in law being the vice president is way over, so all she is a voter’s reject who don’t know what news’s paper she reads.

Sorry to be so hard but it’s just the truth, who on the earth would want to get marry so early, men go back and get your high school diploma so when you leave that place you can at least know what paper you read.

One thing though if your really the father make sure you take care of your kid levy, be a good father, the most Palin could do is make you pay child support so don’t be as threatened as the cop she got fired.

One more thing I herd she still have hope of being the president.
Please tell her one dumb ass already fuck this country up we don’t need another, so for the good of the country please stay in Alaska as a governor , make a road to no where and get more people fired and be a good mom and sister.

As to Bristol you don’t sound much better than your mom on that interview about teen pregnancy, so I definitely recommend that you go get your GED and lean more about the world you live in so as to alleviate the degree of dumbness that runs in your family.

You guys are trying too hard to keep the Palin name in the news seem so desperate


Anonymous said...

When i first heard of this I was like...they were together? And who cares if they split? Hmmmm. So they really thought we thought they were getting married. Buahahahahahahahahahahaha!

Milly said...

I dont believe they were actually ever engaged, I think they were just trying to Throw the public off and win some of those conservative votes...Well let me put it this way I wasnt fooled

Anonymous said...

Aw come on now.. why is everyone so cynical about it.. i think they really were in love u know.. and it's over now. I think they shoulda stayed together for the baby but hey, ppl don't do that anymore.

OmegaRadium said...

Well said! Sarah Palin and her family is a perfect example of just one of the many types of people who are bringing this country down in status.

~*Miss A*~ said...

I love it! I don't know why the Palin family got so much publicity over their unmarried daughter being pregnant! I knew this whole engagement/marriage thing would never work out.

KarMa said...

LOL...OMG...your so right when i read about this i just thought to my self WHAT THE HELL YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!! it was so about the publicity. Sarah Palin's so like "WE ARE GOING TO LOSE VOTES WHEN I RUN FOR PRESIDENT BECUASE YOUR CHILD IS A BASTARD CHILD YOU HAD HIM OUT OF WEDLOCK N NOW WE LOST ALL THE CONSERVATIVE VOTES" what a joke....shes never going to win so...NEXT!!!!!!